Wondering What’s REALLY Going Behind The Scenes Right Now? * Here’s Your Answer

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understand the secrets that have been hidden from you for so very long. Secrets, that have been (quite successfully) hidden, both by your mainstream, as well as your numerous alternative news media outlets out there alike. The secret of what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, at this time.
And while the following news reveal might have many of you raising an eyebrow (or more) here, the FACT is that there is, quite literally, NOTHING that’s quite actually “up” right now. And I’m so NOT kidding about this.
For, you see, You, (that’s right, YOU!) LITERALLY get to DECIDE as to what’s actually “up” right now (or not) out there, because, the entire (so-called) “reality” that’s in front of you right now, is, a DREAM. An ILLUSION. Or, as the Hindus would call it, MAYA.
Moreover, because you are quite literally GOD INCARNATE; YOU get to decide what’s up right now in a way that is no different than a Lucid Dreamer calling the shots in their own lucid dream no less.

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