The Starship Project and Metamorphosis

Posted on May 4, 2021 by Eliza Ayres

Archangel Michael


Note to Readers: I am currently deep into writing the final chapters of my fourth book. No, none of them have been published yet, but I intend to self-publish sometime this year or the next. This has been what I have been doing in the past 2.5 years or so, while maintaining Blue Dragon Journal, writing! Meanwhile, here is a sample from Book Two:

CHAPTER 5 – “Metamorphosis”

Book 2 – The Starship Project

The previous evening, Raphael had been informed by Aiden that his father, Lord Mathdis, and the High Priestess Lady Anna, had made arrangements on his behalf to assist him with his ‘process’.  Early in the morning, Raphael bid his mate and child good-bye for a few days, packed a small bag, and left without saying anything to his companions.  He wasn’t going to take any of the Eagles with him, either.  He just left.  The priestess made it clear that he was going to be kept in near isolation for a few days to allow his personality to settle. 

Raphael reported to the house of Lord Mathdis and was escorted into an isolated room on the top floor overlooking a pleasant garden.  There was a bathing room and refreshments were available if he needed something to eat or drink.

When he had sat on a couple of pillows for a while, there came a knock at the door.  Lady Anna entered in quietly.  She was dressed in pale violet robes.  Her thick blonde hair was plaited into a thick braid reaching to the back of her knees.  She had a serene face and the wise eyes of an experienced priestess.  Raphael couldn’t begin to guess how old she was, but her presence was quite powerful.  He knew he was in good hands.

If truth be told, Raphael had nearly begun to fall into despair when it appeared some of his companions were unwilling to allow him to change.  Coming to Jolf had triggered a process that promised to forever change him.  For when he entered the ancient outpost inner keys were activated; ones which he himself had placed there long ago.  Now, he had an opportunity to do something for his people, some of his friends and his brother, Esturias, did not appear to be ready to accept his dream as being real.  Last night, he was heartened to hear Adario and Lord Mathdis speak up in support of his efforts to re-integrate the personalities and soul essence of Delos and Rigo, so that he might go forward with what he came to do.  Raphael was sorry Esturias didn’t understand him, but like Delos, he did not have time for naysayers now.  He was willingly ready to sacrifice what he was for what he could become.

He stood up and politely greeted the priestess with a bow and a “Good morning, my lady!”

Lady Anna smiled in response and said: “Lord Mathdis said you were a polite young man.  He also told me that you are currently undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts where two powerful personalities of previous incarnations are beginning to blend or meld into your present persona.  You have expressed your dismay that some, if not most, of your friends and companions are disturbed by the changes in your temperament. The process which you are apparently undergoing is rare among individuals who are common everyday folk.  Only those who have incarnated with the determination to do great things will, at some time in their life, go through a similar metamorphosis.  It is the result of your Oversoul deeming it necessary to augment your current personality with those traits that can enable you to move through fear and impediments that would put off those common men.” 



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