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Impact of Solar Flares on Human Consciousness (Video

 India Reports Record Rise in COVID-19 Cases With 414,188 New Infections, 3,915 Deaths – IN ONE DAY!

Plan to Use Nano-bots To S—–

Portland, shooting out tires, pulling people from cars 


Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?

The Return of Trump on July4?/ A beautiful thought~

Documentary: “THE CALLED – MAKINGS OF A PERFECT DAY” with JUAN O SAVIN (1hr 14min)

BOMBSHELL: Maricopa County Didn’t Have Password To Look Into Admin Functions Of Voting Machines VIDEO 6.14 LINK:

China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions…of the ENTIRE WORLD

5-6-21 Juan O Savin – Bloodline Beliefs – If they tell you who they are believe them! (2hr 38min) / Concerning his comments around minute 14 – I always hated going to DC and found the psychic atmosphere very oppressive

RSVP for FREE Online “Shift Your World” Film Festival | May

Was Secret Builder Of Mysterious ‘Guidestones’ Identified? Was it Dr Herbert H Kersten of Iowa (d. 2005), an alleged white supremacist?6-9


Mike Adams’ Situation Update, May 6th, part 2 – Johns Hopkins report demands AI robots and drones enforce mandatory vaccine compliance (55 min)

We the People vs. Them the Corporations / Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run

Monopoly – Follow The Money!!! Excellent Summary vid that Explains how Corporations run the World

BREAKING: Democrats Settle Lawsuit Over Maricopa Audit With 9 Days To Go, Experts Will Cease Signature Matching

What’s That You Say? UK War With France? Boris Sends 2 Warships to Jersey Port – France Sends 2 As Well

Russian TV Claims

: North Korea Communist Leader Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots conductor 90 times in front of Orchestra (video 10 m) —-

DOJ Attempts to Get Involved in Arizona Ballot Audit – As Predicted DOJ Civil Rights Division Cites Lawfare Activists and Media Reports as Evidence of Concern

OAN News obtains Letter from DOJ Trying to Stop Ariz. audit

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