Ascended Master Hilarion * May 2021

Posted by amparo alvarez on May 4, 2021



Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There have been amazing changes that have been taking place as the planet has been catapulted into the higher etheric dimensions recently. This is happening throughout the cosmos as well – other planets that have been fifth dimensional for eons of time are also moving up the frequency ladder to a higher octave. On the planet, the signs are becoming more evident that ascension is near. The surface of the Earth is changing daily as unusual weather patterns become commonplace in the years ahead. One needs to be adaptable and flexible in all situations that come before you. There is a need to simplify one’s daily existence and eliminate all things that do not serve you on the new path you are walking on. As you eliminate the clutter, you are opening up space for the new to come into your life and it is filled with higher frequency energy that you need in order to continue on your ascension path.

The greater influx of light during these current times is causing uncomfortable symptoms within your physical body in many of you. Many of you feel bloated and are experiencing digestive upsets which makes eating anything at all undesirable in order to avoid the feeling of nausea that then takes place. Simplify your food intake – try a raw food, sticking to one specific food group such as vegetables, in a mono-diet for a week or so – it might help to settle the stomach by giving it less variety of foods to contend with. Drink plenty of water and avoid coffee during this mono-diet – most important of all, avoid the consumption of sugar. The less complexity in your intake of food, the more comfortable you will become in your body recalibrations as the high frequency light is absorbed and assimilated. The intake of fresh air is also an important factor to bring greater harmony and balance within the developing new human operating system.

It becomes imperative to find a place in nature where you can ground your energies into the crystalline core of Mother Earth as well as finding a spot such as your bathtub where you can immerse yourself in the water for at least thirty minutes in order to feel more balanced and refreshed. These activities will eliminate stagnant energies that may be blocking your meridians and can put a smile back on your face once again! For more passive but highly efficient activities, look at getting your back massaged and perhaps experiencing accupressure to restore healthy flow in your energy circuits through your chakra and nerve system. All of these activities are utilizing self–care regimens that can have tremendous impact in the improvement of one’s overall state of health. The most important benefit is the improvement you will feel in the state of your mental health.

The best advice we can give you at this time is to have patience. All that is possible and that has been promised to you by your guides will come into manifestation in the correct timing for you. This timing is different for each individual, as there is no one-size that fits all in this process thus the need for patience from each of you. There is so much occurring behind the scenes of current happenings that your mind would boggle at all that is in motion. There are many players in this divine plan that is now unfolding and each of you is taking part in the role you agreed to take on as yours. There are many of you becoming ‘activated’ right now as we speak. It is the awakening of humanity that is of great importance at this time. The Earth is ready, the onus is on humanity to gain a higher perspective and take back their freedom and sovereignty.

This we are attempting to do by utilizing the quantum fields that are available during these times by placing those of humanity that are here now from the future into stations of activity where they can do the most good on behalf of the entire planet and all of her inhabitants. These ones seek to serve and bring forward a new and enlightened way of living that will be their legacy to the generations of humanity yet to come. They do not want to be worshiped and obeyed by the inhabitants on this planet – they seek to free and not destroy. Their mandate has always been that they must do no harm. They are cognizant of the fact that they are the future selves of humanity and must act always in the highest truth and integrity in order to steer the planet and her inhabitants into the correct timeline and position for the most benevolent outcomes in the future.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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