Ascended Master _ Global Light Tribe * Full Moon Blessing Puja: RE-BIRTH – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure -2-26-21


A Girl in the Universe

t7Sphonnseorend  · AS THE ENERGIES CONTINUE, A NEW CRISS-CROSS PATTER EMERGES. Is THIS why they feel so intense?Since December 21st 2020 we have been receiving energies regularly.At the end of January, they intensified.On February 23rd the “Godzilla” energies arrived. Bursting in and upgrading us on a new massive scale.With all of these energies, they all followed the same pattern. 🌟Energies flows in from opposite the sun facing side. One side is stronger, and wraps around Gaia.It always immerses the whole planet, but only starting from one side.Last night’s “caffeine inducing” energies came in strong, but are now wrapping around Gaia from BOTH sides.Crisscrossing the energies and flowing them separately but intensely around Gaia.Is this “Double Wrap” of energy why we are feeling them so strongly last night and continuing now?My guides have said, we as a Collective, have moved from a “Sunday Drive to the Autobahn.”They have said a big change is coming. Much like a “flipping of a switch.”When that happens, Lightworkers with special missions will know, and be awoken to those missions.They have started showing me this tomato red night sky as the confirmation of that flip.I’m sharing this with you now because I strongly feel this change is very close. 🗝Many Lightworkers are hearing bells or chimes during sleep or meditation.🌟You might remember that a few months ago my guides were telling me to “Ring the Bells and Call in the Lightworkers?”Now the Universe Literally Is!I don’t think that’s a coincidence, with the new intensifying energies and everyone’s powers are starting to come online?It’s all Happening!You Made This Happen!All your inner work, understanding, love, forgiveness and Your amazing light.YOU ARE BRINGING IN THE BIGGEST ASCENSION IN UNIVERSAL HISTORY!🌟YOU ARE DOING IT. Thank you for believing enough in this mission and your path. 🌟Big Things Are Coming and We’ve Only Just Begun!!Bring in the Ascended Masters!!

Pars Kutay

7rtgSpeonhsored · We are NOW in Pre-Mata Fabric of Space and the ENERGIES within that is going to Manifest the NEW EARTH.GOLDEN CONSCIOUSNESS is the GRID of NEW EARTH! The Gaia GRID!In our NOW Moment in 2021 with this dissolution comes GATEWAYS and OPENINGS as Cracks within a Brick Wall or as parts of a Window Pane that are BE-ing uncovered letting SUNLIGHT Stream in that which is Streaming in is the Fabric of the NEW EARTH. . .GOLDEN AGE . . . GOLDEN TIMELINE or that which is called GOLDEN CONSCIOUSNESS.This is the CONSCIOUSNESS One Holds when One constructs ONESELF into the DIVINE Architecture of the Sovereign Integral Organic Human Template.Welcome to NEW EARTH of GOLDEN CONSCIOUSNESS!With Sacred LOVE of ONEPars Kutay~ 💜 ~Photo: Incoming New Divine Energies – captured by Philippe Francois

Adrienne Elise

GAIA DAILY – Feb. 26-Mar.1 – REBIRTH

This weekend’s Virgo Full Moon is a culminating energy of the intense Astrology of February 2021 of many squares between the fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius. All month long we have been feeling Jupiter in square to Black Moon Lilith, as we try to bring light to the darkest corners of our reality.

Mercury, now direct, is finally moving off of the 11 degree mark and beginning to gain momentum. This will bring Mercury in square to Black Moon Lilith and then into conjunction with Jupiter for the first week of March. It is time to move into new territory and into the Aquarian Age, and these planets are coming to council about it.

With all of this Aquarius energy, the dark shadows have to do with programmed shame associated with feminine intuition technology. Ever since the Atlantean time, the female power in all of us, and the Earth, has had to hide her power in secret. This created a ‘dark mother’ archetype. Humans became disconnected from loving spirit which allowed them to be manipulated through fear and trauma, over thousands of years.

This Virgo Full Moon, coming on the heels of all of these Black Moon Lilith transits, is offering us a great redemption. Today, Venus moves over into the sign of Pisces. Purified, our feminine power is ready to take her rightful place back on her throne.

May the intuitive feminine in all of us be released from the silent bondage. May miracles reign again, as humanity moves over into a Golden Age of Abundance, where the healing arts are held sacred, valued and celebrated. We are reborn into a world where all of humanity feels connected and cared for.



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