The New Field of Quantum Healing-Med-Beds * Charlie Ward has a video with Maria Bernardis

We heard that med-beds might be released in March 2021 and Charlie Ward has a video with Maria Bernardis about those and the new field of Quantum Healing which will replace Big Pharma, drugs, cutting, burning, poisoning, etc. Healing will be revolutionized and the Health Care Systems will be about maintaining and restoring health, not profit, as they are now. See the video here at Charlie’s website.

This planet was created as a Petri dish to grow Humanity as a sentient species. We were created to flourish and advance spiritually by our Creator(s)—not as a food supply for a satanic, war-like race and intruders have no jurisdiction here in the surface population where we reside. We were given everything we need to expand and advance unless interfered with—which we have been…BP

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