Reasons to Smile :)

Cheryl Richardson

 Cheryl Richardson

Saturday, 20 February, 2021


My friend Nanna introduced me to an interesting practice. She said she was taking note of the activities and experiences that made her smile so she could give them more space in her life.

Well that’s an excellent idea, I thought to myself, so I started keeping track of what made me smile, too. It’s a revealing exercise. Here’s some of what I’ve discovered…

I smile when I see my husband Michael whether it’s first thing in the morning or when he unexpectedly walks into a room.

It happens when I spend time with our cats, Wednesday and Berty. Animals, like babies, have a way of doing that to us humans.

It also happens when I discover that I have space in my calendar and I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything for a whole afternoon or evening.

I smile when I spend time with people who vibrate on the same intellectual and spiritual wavelength.

It happens when I listen to uplifting music while hiking or working out. This week I’m enjoying Shakira 🙂 .

I smile when I spend time outdoors with the birds and the trees and the wind and wildlife.

Or when I’m in water.

I also smile when I see someone I love do something they love.

It’s a simple gesture, this thing called a smile, and yet it’s also a powerful communication device that sends data back and forth between body and soul.

This data is important.

Now that I’m noticing, I realize that when something makes me grin ear-to-ear, it’s worthy of my undivided time and attention.

How about you? I wonder what makes you smile.

Be on the lookout and collect your own data this week. Then, feel free to share what you discover!



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