Cosmic Energetics Surge! A MESSAGE OF UNITY ~ Shakti and Shiva ~ 222 PORTAL ENERGIES * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 2-23-21


A Girl in the Universe

tSp10tonihfsorefd  Β· HEAD SPINNING? EARS RINGING? FINDING IT HARD TO FOCUS? This is Day Two of the very intense, never ending Big Energies.🌟The Sound of Space is back with a vengeance.These energies are very heavy on our systems, you can feel them weighing you down. πŸ—With that feeling comes a slough of upgrade symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, nausea, hunger, diarrhea, tingling in limbs, feeling of floating, inability to focus, heart chakra issues, acid reflux. πŸŒŸHold on, because we are ramping up to something even bigger. πŸ—Please remember, yes these are intense but so will your upgrades be on the other side of these.Amazing things are happening to YOU. πŸŒŸYou are being upgraded, improved, brought online in a way like never before.So if you feel tired, hungry, floaty, or like your walking between worlds, it’s all PERFECT UNIQUELY FOR YOU. πŸŒŸWhatever You’re Experiencing Is Just What YOU Need.So flow with it. πŸŒ€Hydrate, rest, play, giggle, cry, laugh and just BE YOU.YOU ARE DOING THIS!!Much Love Divine One!🌟

Angels Whispers 444

Joanne Tracey

Above Below and Beyond Frequency Encodementst5utS4pomnsoremdn Β· 


Incoming Energy πŸŒŠ
Ears πŸ”” & popping
Frequencies have just levelled up πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€
Hold love & light in your heart πŸ•―Stay Grounded πŸ‘£



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