An Ancient Mountain * by Pamela Kribbe and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

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An Ancient Mountain By Pamela Kribbe & Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

Dear friends, I am Mary Magdalene.

I am in your midst, not far away from you, but very, very close, closer than two bodies can be together – I am in your heart. I feel your pain and the spiritual despair that this causes. There is a hurt in you coming from deep within you, because during this time you are letting go of a lot and integrating much. The pain comes from so deep that it beats you down at times and causes you to be discouraged.

Feel the depth of your pain, but be not afraid. Feel, in your depth, the fear that is there from the past, although often, you feel it only partially. It is the fear of truly living from your source, from who you are on a soul level. It is the fear of being rejected; the fear of not being able to be yourself in this reality.

Feel also in your being the desire for love, the desire for unity and connection; a longing for belonging, for coming home. Feel the depth of that yearning. Even though it hurts, even though you will experience solitude and separateness, the depth of your desire and the depth of your pain say something about the greatness of your soul.

Your soul will not rest until you have unearthed all that is inauthentic and released it. You are pure in your being, which is precisely why you will have to work through and let go of all kinds of illusions which this world holds as being true.

You are looking for love. In your life’s quest, you seek love in relationships, beginning with your parents and later with peers and with a partner or loved one; but you will find many pitfalls there. You find in the other, as well as in yourself, the sheer powerlessness, the pain and desolation that can occur in relationships.

In the field of work and creativity, you experience, as a pure soul, the desire to express yourself from your heart, to give of yourself and to do it fully, and that desire comes from the very nature of the soul. The soul is like a radiant star: she wants to shine. From the power source that she is, the eternally creative core, the soul wants to create, to experience, and to radiate, to share herself.

In that outpouring and giving of herself, the soul also undergoes pain, darkness, and negativity, and at such times, the rays of the soul are held back. The light of the soul may even become completely withdrawn because of resistance, discouragement, and pain. However, doing this is not wrong. The soul then integrates her light, her consciousness, within herself, and this leads to a process of transformation, a form of alchemy. From there, the soul manifests with renewed vigor and will pour out into the world.

You all are caught up in this alchemical process in which you transform the experiences you gather in this lifetime, as well as those from previous lives. And this is an intense process that demands dedication and, above all, belief in yourself.

Do not get discouraged by the images, expectations, and ideals of the world around you. Many of its ideals and energies are still based on fear, the survival instinct, and on ideas about relationships and creativity that are not grounded. Know that this is a time of profound change that requires extreme concentration of your being, your awareness. It demands extreme focus on who you are in your depths.

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