Radical Change is Our Current State

Kate Spreckley

a message from Kate Spreckley

Wednesday, 3 February, 2021 


Without change there can be no advancement, no improvement and no evolutionary growth. Resistance to change keeps us stuck in the past and negatively impacts the survival of the human race. At this time, we are challenged to let go of the past, to embrace change and reassess ourselves, our lives and our relationships as we navigate a changing world.

Know that you are decidedly on track despite the obvious fact that life as you know it seems to have derailed. Radical change is your current state and is being experienced by everyone and everything. As a result, you are being challenged to let go of old beliefs, rigid ideas and the fixed views you have about yourself, your life and the world at large. Use this time now to become the observer. To objectively observe the thoughts and feelings you have that keep you limited and confined to the past.

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