Art of Living

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Life and the fine art of living life to the fullest, and with great love, is amazingly simple.

All Universal Laws are simple.

The Whole of Creation rests on the foundation’s stones of simplicity, yet within simplicity there is a complexity. One can only unravel the complexity, if one applies the basic Laws, of simplicity.

If one wishes to build a new home, you first need to lay solid foundations down, otherwise, no matter what you build on top, will not last. It will develop cracks and tumble down if the foundations are not solid.

The very same principle applies to all Intimate and Loving Relationships as well. Let us remember this as we now need lay down the foundations for the New Golden Age:

Trust and Respect are key elements within any loving and lasting relationship. Love yes, unconditional love, yet if trust and respect are missing, love tends to fly out of the door.



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