Alfred Lambremont Webre * with Dr. Eloecea – ET Contact, Planetary Ascension

DUANE: This a very forward expansion into live exopoltics.

The Essence and Projects of Intergalactic Connections with Eloecea…

Alfred Lambremont Webre

The three projects that will flow through Intergalactic Connections (a BC member-funded society – 71397 5936 BC0001) will • begin in the Greater Vancouver BC area and spread throughout our world and omniverse, • create many new jobs, and • plant the seeds of collaboration with other intelligent civilizations for generations to come. The Challenge: Most of humanity today are either not aware of our Intergalactic neighbors due to government cover-up or have been taught to fear ‘predatory’ aliens by mainstream media (news, films, etc.). It is time for earth to realize a bigger picture that includes • operating from Unity Consciousness, • welcoming the presence of and collaboration with beneficent star families here on earth, and • having a seat at the table of intergalactic affairs. The Projects Intergalactic Connections was created to: • establish an Intergalactic Welcome Centre to invite humanity to become Intergalactic citizens Beginning online due to current circumstances, eventually a physical base of operations will be purchased and renovated. Unity Consciousness and the Ascension process will be introduced as the goal of earth’s current evolutionary cycle as the foundation for intergalactic relationships. Interactive displays and exhibits of Earth’s history with UFO’s and extraterrestrials, the presence of UFO’s in sacred texts, as well as other information and media presentations for all ages will ground visitors’ awareness and appreciation of our Intergalactic neighbors. People who are already aware of and in contact with other intelligent civilizations as well as the Ascension Process will be invited to provide this content as Affiliates. Offices and meeting spaces for conferences and workshops will be available, while eventually providing housing for our galactic visitors, rather like an Intergalactic consulate. • form an Academy for Intergalactic Peace and Harmony to prepare people to come together in Unity Consciousness by learning about and experiencing connection with our Intergalactic neighbors Visitors to the Welcome Centre and others interested in Intergalactic experiences will be invited to apply for admission to the Academy program(s) based in the Welcome Centre. All students will commit to learning about and embodying Unity Consciousness. Graduates may choose to do further research, collaborating with our Star neighbours, teach in other settings, or serve as diplomatic representatives to extraterrestrials here or off world. Funding includes the Academy’s development and growth in the coming years, compensating leadership, recruiting faculty and support personnel, creating its business infrastructure and physical presence as well as creating scholarships. • collaborate with our Intergalactic guests in building The Dome: An Intergalactic Space Port designed to be a place of diplomacy and collaboration with other intelligent civilizations as earth takes its rightful place in the universe. The Dome will receive spaceships and their shuttles and serve as a home base for their representatives and crew members. It will provide space for small- and large-scale interactions for diplomacy and cooperative scientific research. Funds may be used to purchase property, design and build structures, furnish dormitory, conference and laboratory space, hire and train staff as well as maintenance and other necessities for those space craft that use the port. Conclusion The focus of these projects is on bringing peace and harmony to humanity so we can welcome our star families publicly. Humanitarian projects are generally designed to aid a specific group of people based on race or geography, to ameliorate social inequalities such as homelessness and unemployment, or address areas associated with ecology, climate change, or economic development. However, unless the underlying issues of separation and fear are addressed, any change cannot be sustained, and our planet will not be safe enough for the public presence of our off-world visitors. Individuals and groups in alignment with our intention will be invited to contribute to the Intergalactic Connections Society through Academy tuition and other membership programs.SHOW LESS

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