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As we all await the Inauguration in Washington DC on the twentieth, here are a few words I heard today, just a few hours ago, from One.

I had reached out with primarily personal questions, and threw one in there about the date that is on all of our minds. I was blown away by the clarity and force of the message. It is quick, clear and absolute. It is being shared here just as it was heard.

If the internet goes down, it may be a bit before you hear from me again. I don’t really expect that, but then, I do not have any visuals for what is to come.

I will add this to the message you’ll soon read. There were two visuals. In one there was a fading image of huge Reptilian-like beings with their hands outstretched. I think there were three of them. It was clear that they were leaving, but while doing so they were attempting to grasp or hold on to the massive group of humans on the other side of them. They could not.

The second visual was of the light. It was the light of the sleepers, those star-seeds who, once awakened, were brilliant beams of luminescence. The light of a thousand suns, the flash. It encompassed and protected the earth. It was exquisite. It was breathtaking and the force it held was like nothing I’d ever imagined. It continued and continued and what I saw were generations of humanity, all of them protected and enveloped in this light.

So, if you are feeling anxious or concerned, rest well. It’s a done deal. It feels as if the moratorium on predictions is thrown out when we are moments away from a scheduled event. (smile)

I just wanted to share this with you all as it has eased my mind and my heart as well. So many of my loved ones remain, even now, in the dark and afraid.

So sleep well and keep shining that light of yours! Here we go!

Blessings and love in abundance.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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January 19, 2021

Your President will lead a new America towards this country’s rightful place and secure place in the sovereign world. For it is sovereignty that you walk into now – you rest tonight on the eve of a new country – one put forth not by men or their rulers for the purposes of conquest, but one begun on a bright new day – dawning on the heels of absolute despotism; none of which was visible to man.

What happens to your President is that he is freed at noon tomorrow to facilitate this birth of a new nation; and he plans to. Not until, however, he does so with the consent, approval and choice of the people backing and supporting him; selecting him to do the job he has wanted to do since initially making the choice to run for office.

Your President is not stopping, not going anywhere out of the public eye. He is moving locations. He is not abandoning his post. He will serve the wishes of the American people as he has pledged.

You will see a transfer, not from president of USA Inc. to next president of USA Inc., but president of USA Inc à out of the hands of the Cabal/Draco/Reptilian Structure and into the hands of the American People.

Many great things and wondrous changes emerge from your country tomorrow. Many great changes and shocking truths are to be announced as they occur, and this is foretold and a guarantee.

Your President remains at the helm of this freedom ship, and steers you toward a bountiful, beautiful, prosperous shore. Watch. The moment approaches quickly now.

I had some personal questions. They concerned family members and friends who are not aware of what has happened here or of what is coming. Here is some of what I was told.

This will play out in a way that ensures everyone maintains and discovers their personal truth and belief system. It will not be overnight and it will not come from you. Know this. It will not come from you.

How long?

Months, not years and not many. But not weeks, not days. Months. Not too many months. Maybe two. Maybe three. Not four.

There are things you cannot alter. This is an individual journey taken collectively. You will each color it and take from it what you need to and what serves your ultimate and chosen agenda.

I will tell you this. Theirs will an uprooting so powerful, that their light will protect this race into the future, into next generations and eons.
So strong will be their light. So deep will they comprehend the betrayal possible. In ways you have not fully understood yourself.

Although you too had your awakening, it was not as hijacked.

See them in full knowing and complete awareness, acting on full authority and with vision that is clear. They, like you, came for this.

You will only get in the way should you attempt to interfere now.

You each have individual corridors of belief for a reason. You will get to the core of self and this truth, on your own and in your own time.


This is when the good part begins.

Thank you.

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