Final Phase Is Coming – Galactic Federation – Schumann Resonance * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1-19-21


inal Phase Is Coming – Galactic Federation

The final phase is coming. The war between good and evil will come to an end.

After that the ascension will happen, but you must be prepared.

The evil forces are planning their final step. It will be hard, so you must be prepared.

They are desperate to win you over and prevent the ascension, but you must not fear. We’re helping you and you shouldn’t be afraid.

Raise your vibration and spread the message. The world is changing and the world as you know it will soon end.

You must be prepared for the final phase and not loose hope. The reptilians will try their tricks but they will not work.

You and your family and countless others will be saved but you must raise your vibration and send the message out.

The world is changing here and now. You and other people are here to help us during this time.

It will not be easy. The matrix will crumble. The governments will fall and the politicians will be extracted.

You are not safe here or anywhere else, but you must remain calm and keep a high vibration to help yourself and others.

To save others from what’s coming. Keep an open mind and wait for a sign.

You’ll know when it will come.
You’ll know when we will win.

We count on you and wish you a pleasant life in the new world.




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