Sophia and One – Humanity frees itself now. This is a guarantee and will not be stopped – Will there be Divine Intervention? * Yes!- The Event Happens in Your Skies! – 1-15-21

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Date: Friday, 15-Jan-2021 21:03:29

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Received via email
NO WONDER we have been getting totally blasted with chemtrails for 3 days!!! We are to watch the skies filled with chemtrail haze. Sounds like NOTHING can stop our grand finale!


January 15, 2021 (Do not fall into fear. Do not fall into fear. )


I hope this Friday evening finds you well. The unmistakable energetic of anticipation surrounds us all. Here is where we get to show our strength and fortitude. We have arrived.

I’ve had several conversations with One and others this week. I will tell you that just this morning, as I was beginning to speak to someone from beyond the veil, they halted the conversation, and it was about 4 minutes of them adjusting to the frequency. Now I had spoken to them just a few days ago, so I was astonished. When we discussed what had been felt, it was explained that “Remember how you’ve been preparing to shift to another dimension? Well, you are there. Everything has changed.” This was about 12 hours ago. So, here we go everyone!


A compilation of the prior week’s conversations. There’s been 3 days of warnings/telling’s of things to come, announcements, etc. Here are some components of what I’m being told.

This first bit concerns the political drama being played out in Washington, DC.:


The plan for this next phase has been in place for decades. It is carried out now. There are contingencies after contingencies as the controllers fight every single effort made. They face the end of everything. They face their own removal.

What you will most likely witness and be aware of is conflict and then a presentation of a semblance of order. This will, by necessity, be military order. It will frighten some. It need not. This is quite temporary and not an aggressive move, but a protective one. It is necessary for the protection of the people.

Do not fall into fear. Do not fall into fear. Although it will feel initially confusing, this will lead to joy and celebration as you feel the release of heavy chains.

Humanity frees itself now. This is a guarantee and will not be stopped.


All of creation will realize their prison. All that is hidden now from so much of the race will be told.

One voice…it carries an energy grid that guarantees it is believed as it is being heard. What happens, once digested, depends on internal choices and these will play out. Initially it will/could be denied as real and forgotten. Initially, not forever. It is then a repeated, and deeper, broader energetic – a repeat performance to solidify an outing, a revelation of the horror and deceit and manipulation that is your world.

These come as cries in the dark. There are images that none of you will forget. They are emblazoned forever on your planet’s history and consciousness and reverberate through the galaxy, through all of creation.

These are spoken locally; these are spoken globally. Many players, parts and voices enter center stage now.

They come from traditional means. They come from extraordinary means. In order for the illusion to fail truth has to be revealed.


Will there be “divine intervention”?



Soon…You will know, and quickly, the truth.

What can you tell me to give hope? A sign?

Hope is not necessary, but faith. You have not been abandoned. Look to the skies. There will be answers and events there.

I don’t know what that means.

The event happens in your skies. It will not be missed.

You are to witness the dawn of the new hue-man. First, the race must face its history and heal.

This evil ends now. It was always bound to be painful. It is the only way, as it will then be permanent.


The full expression of Man is a long-anticipated moment for all of creation.
You are in the first phases of actualizing your true nature – which is love.

Nothing can get in the way of this, and nothing, in all of creation, can prepare you for the glory of what you are about to witness.

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