18 THE DIVINE PLAN – The Final Purge ~ Releasing Karmic Codes ~ Primordial DNA Blueprint * Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1-15-21


Huna FlashntSSfp7onsohred  · 13:31 FINAL PURGEJan 21, Final Purge for Lions Gate. Trinity Gates Open Feb 1.SECTOR 6 – HI- FIRST FIRE,Tirani Motu – Kahu Firing upKirihi Motu – Tu Ahi Firing upKopunui Motu – To Na Firing upOkapi Motu – To Ke completed,Lemurian OS5 anchoring the new codes from Planet Huna into the old earth…. hang on to your hat.Activating Angels Door Stargate from Lake Titicaca Peru Feb 26.If you want to come with?www.hoh.earth/get-events444444 Code from LZ6 today. 6


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1010 You have your life in your hands, all yours now. The Light of Creator is soon to be activating the palms of your hands to your new life! Keep looking up, and on the Most High, to navigate through the water.

Rest and relax today knowing that God has the Divine Masculine Christ safe in His hands. They are being cleared of karma to enter into the Bridal Chamber, of Hieros Gamos Sacred Marriage, with their equally Christed Counterpart 144. Aries Season 2021 brings this new cycle of Sacred Marriage.

This is your time of restoration from karmic debts owed. The life force energy of Shekinah is filling your spirit, replacing what’s been stolen from past karmic attachments. This Season brings the neutralization needed for a fresh new beginning in love.

The 888 Jesus Christ Code is restoring your primordial DNA Blueprint, back into your original root structure. This is restoring the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ back into their original Soul Agreement and frequency of being a perfect match, and the same harmonic tone. ONECODE ✡️

This is true freedom for your Soul, from everything that is not pure Source energy. This is also happening for the Genetic Bloodline of Adam, and the DMC Collective. We have closed the book on distorted masculine messianic rule, and suppression of the Divine Feminine Christ.

We are here to witness the collapsing of the old Heaven and old Earth. The Dawning of a New Day is here bringing great change. We are in a new dimensional timeline of our New Earth Kingdom of God, with Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, by YHWH’s side. This is completion, wholeness, unity, balance, and harmony that we have needed for our New Heaven and New Earth to birth. The Kingdom Come.

Focus on receiving your Darma for your efforts of collapsing the piscean age, in Heaven and on Earth. This is your destined DNA and Birthrights that you will soon to be witnessed in the Flesh.

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source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames



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