ZORRA CALL – 11-28-20 – Messages, Updates, Dr. Shaw and Special Guest & Q&A

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ZORRA CALL – 11-28-20

We gather once again as Family for our weekly Zorra Call. All of us in one way or another experienced a different kind of “Thanksgiving Day”. Most of us adapted and made the best of it although many felt that something was very wrong in our lives. It is not normal any more. How can we uncreate what is and make the necessary changes to make life better? We know the answers but it takes Action. It takes all of us to getting focussed, committed to lead and teach by example. What kind of example will you be for yourself and others during these days of uncertainty, confusion and distrust etc. 

Today, we will be hearing from Dr. Jerry and Michael Marumoto. They will be sharing more information about Amareglobal and why this company and its products are important now. 

We will be hearing from Zorra and Saraiya too. 

Come and join us as we all learn, stay connected, encouraged and supported on our Ascension Journey. 

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