Ashtar, Raphael, Angelic High Kingdom – The State of your Planet Now – 12-01-20 – BY Era Of Light

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Hello beloveds it is i Lord Ashtar coming back through this channel again with another message for all of you. This is going to be a message where i’m going to talk about the state of your planet, the state that all of you are in. I’m also going to talk about what all of you are feeling that we in the high collective of light can actually feel and i’m going to bring through where that is leading you and what is actually happening because of how you’re feeling and because of what’s going on, on your planet and then Archangel Raphael will be bringing through some emerald green healing light, down onto the planet plane after i’m through.

I’d like to tell you the state of your planet, i’d like to tell you about what we are feeling and what we are seeing from all of you. We are seeing a lot of unrest and uncertainty, we are seeing still a lot of fear with these lockdowns, the mandates, those being forced to shut their businesses and all that is rolling out on all of you now with this virus, we are feeling your sadness, we are feeling your anger, we are feeling a confusion, for you do not seem to be able to decipher a lot of times from your media what is true and what is untrue.



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