Be Invincible – from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch – 11-25-20

Rebecca Couch


Dear One,

Do whatever you can think of to keep your vibe high. This includes anything that makes your heart sing open and your entire body rejoice. For each it is different, but for most it always includes nature, music, dancing, singing, connecting to others, creativity, imagining, inner communion and especially, joy and laughter! This is the best medicine you have, so taken often as necessary. All of these things are also contagious, so remember the best virus of all, inspired by love.

We don’t need to tell you that these are the most challenging times of your life as an unknown threat is being cast upon you like an ominous boogeyman. And so you must do what you did as a child when these imaginary threats loomed. Your mind perpetuates what you feed it, so be extremely vigilant about what you expose yourself to and what you allow to dwell in the sacredness of your mind. Your heart is the most powerful generator on the planet, so use it well and constantly, knowing that it has no bounds. You are a divine spark, and your light is more powerful than any darkness. You are protected and guided at all times, if you allow yourself to receive it. This is a solitary battle that takes place in tandem with the unification of all your siblings of the light. You are a spiritual warrior of the light and the battlefield is consciousness, so be steadfast in your strength. Do not allow anything less than love to dwell in your house, for you are a temple of the divine, sovereign and true. Know these counts without hesitance and your security is assured. Stalwart and true, this is you.

Use your breath like sacred fuel. Draw it into and from your being with gratitude and reverence, all the while knowing it is your birthright. Let the light codes fill you. Let the power rejuvenate and sustain you. Nothing or no one may restrict or silence you, for you are the voice of God. And so you emanate the power of God, the presence of God, the strength of God and the wisdom of God. Embody this with your sacred breath and your sacred knowing of who you are. Really feel this inside the fullness of your being, and when you do, no boogeyman of any size can taunt you. Take your divine charge now.

Establish your failsafe radar utilizing all of your senses, processed by your brain and led by your heart – which only knows truth. Anything less than this will lead you astray, so exert brilliance in this. Be invincible. In the sea of falsehood, trust that from this perspective you will always know the truth and exactly what to do when. You will always be guided, always protected, and always victorious.

So what else is it that concerns you? From you sovereign presence, nothing can overcome you. Face that dragon until you can ride it. This is the time of the final confrontation and you know who wins, so see it out. You’ve got this.

In the meantime, we end how we began: do anything you can to keep your vibe high. You know what works for you and any combination thereof: do it.

You are the light of the world, grandiose and true. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Is there anything else you need to know? We didn’t think so either.

With sincere love and honouring, we are,

The Council of Light Within

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