Keys of Enoch ~ New Light Codes Activating HueManity ~ Massive internal Shifts – via Paul Butler – 111-28-20


Rafael Tellez-Giron

Keys of EnochNholvlemdrbetSaorp so23onm afst do9:fe1eScfrehdel0 AuMl  · What does the geometry of this new Key represent? The pentagon geometry represents the power of the number 5 which is the power of the Family of Light. The 5 bodies, the 5 helpers, the 5 trees AND the movement from 4D to 5D. This geometry is also found in pentameric and decameric protein structures, within the body as well as in Eastern temples, for more information see (Key 405: 476-506).#keysofenoch

Linda Li

iNuotutSuvehmbueSr 2md4 fpodat 4sodSus:ansd2a7 orePModd  · Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come to share news with you. The planet is being uplifted to a much higher realm now. She has arrived at a huge area of intense light and Divine rays. In the days ahead, humanity will feel the intensity. Some may feel the intensity a little more. Others may have blissful experiences and feel that the process is finally over, and have the sense of arrival. The individual sensations can be very different, and it largely depends on the person and experiences that the soul has.For the experienced light warrior, the sensations would be peaceful and relaxing. For the newly awakened ones, it might be very challenging with an intensity that is palpable. The Divine wants to give you an reminder, and hopefully, you all will adjust to the new environment at an easy pace.The planet herself has an easy ride. She enjoys the high vibration and the relaxing atmosphere. The Divinely selected high energies are just what the planet needs. And the overall process has been much easier for Mother Earth. She is very pleased with the vibration and she adjusts to it effortlessly.Now, since the new environment where the planet is right now is a high vibrational place, It will requires the souls on the planet to have pure and unconditional love in the heart. The energies are so pristine that souls who are destined to be in this new realm, will need to vibrate at very high frequency. The souls will need to bring up the frequency. Meanwhile, the Divine and the company of heaven, are working nonstop to upgrade the souls on the planet to boost their frequency and capacity for higher-realm living. So far, as of today, the Divine and the company of heaven, have successfully upgraded humanity’s third chakra blueprint and human ancient thinking patterns. There are some souls who are also having the first and second chakra being upgraded.In the days to come, the Divine will continue the upgrading process. The human configuration and the calibration will be renewed. The chakra system will be continuously upgraded. The new human blueprint is coming online in some soul groups. And eventually, the entire population and human race will be renewed and upgraded. And the planet, too, will be rebuilt and the new earth will emerge.I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in the heart children of my heart, and know everything is developing according to the Divine plan. The Divine plan is unfolding nicely. Enjoy the process and stay in peace. You are deeply loved. I love you. So it is.Linda Li



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