The Importance of Training your Inner Sight – by Beloved Elohim Cyclopea


The Importance of Training your Inner Sight By Beloved Elohim Cyclopea…Beloved Elohim Cyclopea is the All-Seeing Eye of God for this System of Worlds. His Twin Flame is Beloved Virginia. They Represent the Fifth Ray, the Emerald Ray for our System of Worlds, of which the Earth is one planet. They provide us with the Divine Qualities of Concentration, Consecration, Vision, Healing and Music….Beloved Cyclopea:…I want to explain something about the Power of Sight within you, that all should understand. The Power of Sight within your Life Stream is not only operating through the eyes, but the Power of Sight abides within the hearing and also within the feeling.

It is innate within Life—both the Inner Sight and the outer….And because people can see things through the feeling, many times when you feel things behind you, you can see what they are, especially when they threaten danger. People many times see through the hearing, because when certain sounds come within the emotional body, the Inner Activity of the Power of Vision is released into the outer intellectual consciousness….If you do not consume the destructive pictures in outer wold conditions, well, the sinister force has a concentrated focus of action in every destructive picture there is—

because it is energy, it is substance, and it is consciousness focused into manifestation….So, when We have asked you to hold the picture within your minds of the Fulfillment of your Call, it will help to hold your attention steady on the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan. But if people allow the mind to wander and let all kinds of destructive pictures come into the consciousness, then outer world activities come in and produce problems in the beings and worlds of those who allow those pictures to remain in their consciousness….This is the terrible danger of television and the digital world, and almost ninety percent of the destructive activities of the younger generation is due to watching destructive pictures in video games, online, and on television.

What you hear over the radio in the description of something that is destructive is one thing, but it does not anchor within the substance of the body as quickly or as concentrated as does the actual sight of the picture itself, as it is photographed into the intellectual consciousness through the optic nerve….Now, everything you see is photographed on the cells of your brain; and the cells of your brain carry that directly to the stomach, right through the optic nerve. That is the reason many people faint when they see destructive conditions. And if you do not do something to keep it out, it will produce conditions within….

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erself who deliberately chooses to photograph destruction into the flesh body. And if it’s in the flesh body, it is going to also manifest in the affairs of the individual….This is a very serious thing, because We cannot and We will not use any whip of fear to prevent people from doing these things, and We won’t offer any reward for not doing them. Mankind misused these Master Powers of Life of its own Free

Will.All We can do is explain to you the Law of Cause and Effect. You are dealing with energy every moment. You are dealing with your consciousness every moment. You are dealing with vibration every moment. You are dealing with your own Free Will every moment, and with that, We will not interfere.And so, it is far more beneficial to you, and to all Life, to definitely train your mind to hold the picture of that which is the annihilation of destructive conditions, than to constantly accept the picture of that which is destructive and then wonder why it produces effects in your world….

If you want Freedom, you must hold the picture within yourselves of the Freedom you want. If you want Mastery over destructive conditions, you must visualize the action of that Mastery, within yourselves, over the condition.

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So if you understand Me tonight, “I AM” offering you the Master Powers of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation for your conscious use through the command of your attention and the holding of the picture of the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Sevenfold Flame coming in and around you and doing the thing that produces perfect manifestation. And if you want It, We’ll help you….So picture what you want to manifest in your mind with the 7-fold Flame of the and call upon the 7 Mighty Elohim and we will help you with your manifestation…

.Elohim Cassiopea…“Many things are now in place Dear Hearts, and Mother Akasha has already spoken and delivered her Will in igniting within your consciousness another spiritual power that we—the Elohims—use, and especially Hercules and myself, and that is the Sevenfold Blue Flame. … Blue is the power to produce and deliver Illumination….“Through my Mighty Christ I AM I turn my attention to the great Elohim Beings and I call upon the Love, the Purity, and the Power of the Seven Mighty Elohim to enfold me with their Sevenfold Elohim Flames and to ignite and harvest the Sevenfold Seeds of Elohim within my brow and to activate them into full manifestation….As this is being done I call upon the Elohim Sevenfold Blue Flame to come around the mind and brain structure to protect and assist in harvesting the seven seeds of Elohim into Seven Flames of Elohim Creation, Power and Manifestation. I thank you.”Video – “Breaking Through –

Seeding Divine Change & Self-Revelation By Judy Satori”

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