THE FREQUENCY OF PACHAMAMA CONTINUES TO RISE – Birthing of THE NEW EARTH – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 10-30-20

Posted By Paul Butler on October 29, 2020


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et1Sp3honsaoaredS  · 💗🙏 A Prayer For The World from Aunty Minnie 🙏💗“Great Eternal Mother and Father,We have beheld the world with all its suffering and misery, and we have beheld the evil, which seems to triumph. The good, for the most part, have surrendered to their despair and hopelessness in a world stripped of spiritual truths.We have seen the greedy gathering wealth unto themselves, becoming bigger and fatter at the expense of others…Let those to whom the Gods have revealed the truth make this truth to grow so that the world may be illuminated by it; and that the children of the future may live in happiness, in the knowledge of this truth.May the Great Gods help this world to triumph over the evil that has befallen it.”– Aunty Minnie Mace, Elder of the Koa people of South East QueenslandArtwork by Talisha KingPhoto source:

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Something ‘exciting’ is happening on the Sun that impacts our evolution. The BIGGEST sunspot of the new solar cycle 25 is happening now!It’s nearly 100,00kms wide and has already activated Earth’s upper atmosphere.Perhaps you felt it, when The Schumann Resonance spiked today? It’s like turning up the volume inside your body – to LOUD…Whilst this sunspot isn’t Earth facing as yet, SENSITIVE, intuitive souls FEEL these explosive shifts, as they occur on the Sun.They vibrate out into our solar system and shift consciousness…It’s yet another reason why your dreams have been so vivid and TELEPATHY turned onto high.Be in the best position to work this energy to your advantage.JOIN with the thousands globally, who ‘wake-up and evolve’ each day with The Tip-Off

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1tSipnonsosr6heudS  · Certainly the heavy energies from the weekend have shifted…. now we prepare for the Full Moon in Taurus on the weekend 🌕♉Now we have a very large sun spots emerging from the sun which could create another Geomagnetic Storm this weekend during the time of the peak of the the full moon energies ohhhh lord!😳🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️💞Definitely a tight squeeze as we push through into November ~ mega truth coming to light, darkness being massively exposed & the insights are also profound & life changing 💞Symptoms & Sensations might experience with Solar Flares 🔥🔥⚡⚡▶️ Solar Plexus activity ~ feeling anxious, uncomfortable & feeling lots of ‘fear rise up’ for no apparent reason ~ the solar plexus is directly connected with the sun energy 🌞▶️ Tingling sensation on the lips 👄▶️ Huge inspiration, insights & downloads ~ this is a time where our conciousness has the opportunity to expand to greater heights and next level▶️Energy influx in the body ~ feeling the vibration energy charges as our bodies are adjusting to higher levels of frequency▶️ Little or no sleep, also very heightened dreams & lots of dream space activity▶️ Headaches ~ Intense head pressure in crown & third eye as our conciousness expands▶️ Aches & pains in the body especially legs▶️ Pain in the spine as the energy channel clears and opens➡️Heightened Emotions➡️Heightened Mental patterns➡️ Broken sleep & intense dreams➡️ Heightened spiritual & psychic phenomena➡️ Irritability➡️ Triggers coming up for releaseThings you can do to alleviate these symptoms:✅ Drink plenty of water✅ Rest, Rest, Rest & more Rest✅ Meditation & Balancing your energy✅ Connect with nature✅ Be gentle with yourself and othersSending so much love and blessings Alisha Braché 💚🙌😍Perfect time to have Energy work done on your body to help clear and integrate these energies if you need assistance reach out for a session links below:…/energy-alignment-session…/dna-lightbody-activations…Or you can connect with me directly via PM Cosmic GatewayReference & Images:www.spaceweather.com

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13tSponsiofSgredh  · The Final Battle Update. . . October 27, 2020Under the “OPERATION MJOLNIR”. . . Wipe-Out Sequence 1 and Wipe-Out Sequence 2 COMPLETE.HIGHER Dimensional Cosmic Energies are Flooding our Earth and Consciousness… and raising our Collective Vibration right NOW!The more We Ascend… the more We see Darkness leaving our planet.All the seeming chaos We see in the main stream media is the Birthing pain of a NEW EARTH.Victory of the LIGHT!~ 💜 ~



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