By Pars Kutay September 28, 2020

By Pars Kutay

 September 28, 2020If this resonates so that you could perhaps start to settle into this Quantum Field and what is actually occurring on a Energetic Level.

We Made It. . . Guy

s We Made It.We made it through out of a very Destructive Timeline that we were moving towards.

We literally Pivoted or Jumped into a Timeline… this just recently Happened in our NOW Moments.

We Jumped out of this dense Timeline and we are NOW in a completely different Timeline

.One of the dense Timelines that we could have Detoured would have created a Massive amount of Destruction.

We were able to All of us that are Awakened and Consciously holding HIGHER States of Consciousness…

We were literally able to Pull our SELVES Back onto this eight lane Highway to 5D Consciousness or 5D Field…

and NOT go down the Detour.

In the NOW Moment in the Quantum Field we weered off of that Detour.

We live in third dimension which means we have Time and so things do NOT happen just like this…


.It take time to turn around and Go Back to this 5D Timeline as we move very slowly.

When in a NOW Moment from The Galactic perspective it’s Happened just like that

.And the reason they are sharing this Message with us Because they saw what Happened

.They saw what We did and are doing in this NOW.

They want to remind us WE Guys Did It…

We Made It

.We Pulled our SELVES out of that Super Dense Timeline.

Except that we are still going through it but we are NOT going to experience the intensity of that Timeline.

NOW there are multiple third dimensional Timelines that are Detours for us…

So this is NOT the Only Detour that we are going to encounter

as we move through 5D.

But if we keep our SELVES in these HIGHER States of Consciousness which We are All doing…

We are literally Pulling our SELVES into a 5D Field.

. . We are Pulling the HUman Collective.

The Challenge is that we do NOT see it until we are Already out of it.

And the KEY is to BE in it. .

. in the Detour recognizing that we arePulling our SELVES back onto a 5D Timeline…

That we are actually on the 5D Timeline.

And our Role is to Hold the HIGHER Consciousnesses over and over and over.


BIGGER PERSPECTIVE over and over and over.

The Narratives and Timelines that we are Watching… Experiencing… and Believing

is NOT going to happen.

We are a slow Turtle turning out of that Massively Destructive Timeline and we are Focusing back on this Big Big Timeline…

Off We Go.We are Doing This…

We are Literally SHIFTING and entire HUman Collective…It is a SHOW like we Never seen BEfore.

We are literally SHIFTING Consciousness in this NOW Moment!



Shared with LOVE

 Pars Kuta

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.