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Polar Opposite-ville Land (Bizarre) Planetary Electromagnetic Pole Flip/Reversal Process) + Part of October’s Energy Update…9/28/2020
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I’ve spent all day observing these “bizarre” frequencies and energies and how nothing “matches up”. This reminds me of 2012 when I went through this in my own reality/process/world for Physical body/Higher Self/Soul Union/Ascension to occur.

Luckily I can work/be/do as I observe all. I kept tuning in, observing what I heard/felt/saw, while paying attention to inside of me and my external reality “out there” as well. NOTHING MATCHING UP… (Read my previous/earlier post earlier today for that info/update)…

  • Optical illusions is an understatement
  • Reversing of Polarities/Massive Electromagnetic Pole Shifting/Reversal going on
  • What I hear and see doesn’t match up to anything at all… (gotta laugh/love it all)
  • I “expected” to be laid flat out when these massive gateways opened (don’t “think” they have yet, as we are still in the “pre-stages” of opening softly still… YET… Energy is AWESOME! Getting tons done, slamming out tons, the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what “normally” would be occurring right now… (yet it’s coming, as I can still see it “far off”, yet working it’s way “forth)….
  • Observing a planetary/individual/various collective Pole Reversal (Electromagnetics as a part of an inversion/reversal/re-balancing process of Cosmic/Universal/Soul alignment…. It’s quite substantial and a massive massive massive polarity shift that’s in the works… (gonna be interesting at how all this plays out!).
  • I’ve been seeing the energies of October for the last week/since the Equinox, yet now I have to see if this is a part of that (I can see it is) and “how” all correlates, as everything is the OPPOSITE right now…. forgo Opposite-Land! 🙂
  • Hmmmmmmm…. so the “realities flipping upside down/on their head” in October is a part of “this right here”. The magnitude of how strong this is… is just “wow” (mind-blowing) at all that shall be affected/shifted by this….
  • Zero Gravity is a part of this (Merkaba and Various StarGate Experiences)

I might as well put part of October’s Energy Overview here and then just update as we go/flow/hear/see/know/experience all on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level…

Amongst tons of other things…. the most prominent that I can recall (without going back to my 4 pages of notes from 9/18)….

Our planet has infinite timelines/realities/dimensions wide open (always), yet there are certain energies that occur that create a “result” or “experience” for collectives/individuals/the entire planet as a part of a much greater whole…

We’ve “opened up” these 3 Phases that correlate to different dimensions and totally different experiences as well that are already “in play” for the next 3 months:

  • 3D: The Great Divide
  • 4D: The Great Purge/Purification
  • 5D: The Great Unification

Now, one can experience all of these, by “be-bopping” back and forth and cycling through each dimension from within their own body (therefore their own reality/experience) to bring all into a much higher frequency/bandwidth/reality/timeline/experience once the entire re-balancing/reconfiguration/re-calibration/re-coding and re-alignment processes are complete. This can take days/weeks/months (for some years)…. so using all the tools you have for observing, releasing resistance/judgment/fight/struggle inside is imperative when the “challenging moments” present.

NEW EARTH starts with 5D and goes way beyond this. EVERYONE remaining on this planet is “moving” to 5D NEW Earth, yet in their own “time” and “ways”, so continue to respect, uplift, empower, support and honor that which is highest aligned for each/all.

For those primarily existing in 5D or higher dimensional timelines/frequency bandwidths/realities already, then your roles might be changing again… as I observed “Role Reversals” as a part of this energy as well. If you’ve been strong, you might go soft/gentle/quiet. If you’ve been quite/in the background, you might step up/forth and become a VOICE AS A LIGHT BEING to assist with transition processes and HERALDing in “the new”. If you’ve been fulfilling roles in one capacity, you might start doing the complete opposite of that now…. as our roles constantly change the “higher and higher we go”, which is a normal part of our LightKeeper/WaySeer/WayShower/Light Shower roles. (I know mine constantly shift and change daily and this just continues to increase as we go).

The cycles of all are increasing quite substantially, which is important as it brings collectives “out of linear/time” and into Quantum faster/more. The faster the cycle, the slower we function inside, so we have more “time” (when using linear as a reference, which ceases to exist 99% of the “time” and only used as a reference point to explain or “show up”).

Linear reference points “deleting” at faster rates. Akashes/Old Memory databanks deleting/being wiped within the electromagnetic grids with every re-polarization/rebalancing process that occurs constantly now. The whole next gridding system for NEW EARTH preparing to come online and it’s phenomenal!

Okay, for those experiencing any physical/emotional/mental/energetic purges, these are beyond important to support your physical body vessel in achieving a higher vibrational frequency, which makes NEW EARTH EXISTENCE easier, as the physical body templates/grids/systems have to completely release all of the linearity/programming/density that bound the body to the “lower realms” of Version 3D Earth.

So, support your bodies, honor your body/fields, go deeper inside, connect deeper within and TRUST/KNOW that which you do understand when you are fully connected, listening, honoring what your heart/soul knows… as everything is SOOOOOOOO much easier and aligns when you are fully connected/highest aligned and in Divine Connection/flow inside. ♥

I’ll share more as we continue/go/flow, as is appropriate and supported by my own reality/role fulfillment too!

Mega LOVE sweet Light Family! There’s MORE PURE LOVE about to flood through for you to anchor, hold, allow, feel, experience, hold and RAYdiate out from within you to support/assist/share and make a difference as the PURE LIGHT BEING that you ARE! ☼

Get excited as the best is always yet to come! ♫

With respect, kindness and appreciation,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ♥

Today’s two songs/words thus far:
How Bizarre (Whacky World)
Upside Down, ___ you turn me, Inside out and round and round….

p.s. 6-8 hours later (my 1:22 pm, the inversion/re-polarization/electromagnetic pole flipping process is almost complete and we are moving into “new balance” already. Cool! Still have an entire process to go with all the next phases, yet this one was fun! lol ♥ InJOY! ♥

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