Spinning the Timelines into Balance

Spinning the Timelines into Balance

By Celia Fenn 

As we exit the Equinox and settle into Libra, the key energy is Balance.Of course, this Libra/October season is moving towards the US elections and the Scorpio/November and 11/11 season where the key concepts are Death and Renewal, Change and Transformation and “diving deep” within ourselves to connect with the powers of renewal and regeneration.

The Phoenix is a good symbol for the November energy, where we may seem to be crashing and burning but are in reality in a state of emergence!Right now…..as we move towards the climax of 2020….the chaos and cacophony is partly the result of the manipulation of multiple timelines as a means of distracting attention away from the Rising New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace that is coming.

Yes, right now you can grab onto any spinning timeline to join the chaos: most notable timelines that have been reactivated as distraction are the Slavery timeline (human trafficking), the Puritan timeline (where everything is about good and evil/truth and lies), the Colonialism/Racism timeline (where various races struggle against each other),

the Middle East timeline (where Christian and Islamic forces push against each other) and so on….Many of these timelines are hundreds of years old, but they always manage to produce chaos if you give them a spin.

So please … don’t spin them further.As Lightworkers we are primarily here to hold energy for the New Earth and the Age of Peace.The New Earth multi-dimensional timeline is open, and we are here to hold this energy for the renewal and regeneration of the Earth

.So, in the midst of the Chaos, hold energy for Peace and for the Balancing of all old 3D timelines based on duality and antagonism. Let duality transmute into complementary and balanced aspects of the One energy of the Human Family.Let’s use the energy of Libra to balance and renew!

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