INTENSE power packed energies this weekend

By A Gift From Gaia

By A Gift From Gaia

INTENSE power packed energies this weekend

By A Gift From GaiaHello my loves, we are kicking up a storm this weekend which will ultimately be ringing the cellular memory to irk out the programming that is attaching and creating reality experiences no longer serving the new incoming purpose and requests you have been asking for your progression and expansion.

We are bouncing in and out of G1 solar storm conditions and have been for the past few days PLUS the small sunspot that wasnt expected to cause any activity has given off a C1 Class Flare.I have already written the report which I will share again, however, with the added flare energy we can flare up the report and X3 the power.

Triggers will become HIGH for all that is unconscious and attempting wake up, only as we know we don’t like waking up too much, groggy, grumpy, agitated and sometimes aggression is common. When the rumblings of these triggers, emotions and feelings are witnessed or experienced please remember there is a fearful inner child acting up for attention/validation, most often a clueless child that exists in a space of nescience.

When we find words coming up such as “I know I” then we are awakening ignorance to the codes of lights, which is ultimately a brain overload of knowing what is aligned but choosing to stay in a state of unconscious slumber

.Catch it ALL whilst you can, solar power such as this makes it so very easy to spot, most people get super tetchy and so reactions become abundant during these growth spurts, easy pickings to realise the core frequency of Self, in other words the truth of self and not the fluffy avoidance stuff, shit gets real.GROWTH and AWAKENING is the purpose of NOW, it is the GIFT that our SOUL-RA Source activity blesses us with in abundance during storm time.

This is a GIFTYou are attempting lift offIt is the resistance and the attachment to the old that makes it pain filled and uncomfortable.One last thing – there is no such thing as ascension symptoms! There are only symbols/language that is screaming for attention to be validated and cleared from the emotional body.Validate everything showing up

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