Fall equinox with Sun in Libra – Fearless Warirors of the Light – 5d Earth Ascension – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 9-23-20


Joseph White Eagle

Native American Prayer Circlet2Sponotso2rsehde

  · Good evening brothers and sisters. Let us all walk hand in hand with love and peace in our hearts, let us bless others with our prayers and protect other life that do not have a voice. Live your life in a way that you have no expectation of tomorrow, do not worry or trouble yourself about the problems that come to test you, for if you are strong in faith than they will all sort out. It is not about what you do not have that will cause anxiety, but embrace the blessings you already have and than peace and happiness will live within you. Remember always that it is your spirit that is highly valued and your body is just a vessel of your spirit so you can live this short life on Mother Earth. Ekosi. 🌟🌿🌈💗

Maureen Moss

8tSfphonrsocraed  · Equinox BlessingBeloved Creator, Divine Mother, Mighty Elohim, Bless Us and Bless the Balance and Union of our Bodies, Hearts and Souls as we continue to raise our Consciousness on Earth as it is in the Heavens.Help us to go forth on Earth, in Balance, Harmony and Love.May WE BE the Blenders, Builders and Unifiers of Heaven on Earth.May the extension of Eternal Love, Eternal Light and Holy Ground establish itself within ALL.May WE ALL remain in our Hearts Presence and Wisdom in the coming days and all the days thereafter.May the Light, the Love and the Power of God Rise in US ALL.And so it is.Equinox Blessings Beloveds,MaureenImage artist unknown.

Pars Kutay

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When ALL Things are in Equilibrium. . .
NO Thing more Needs to BE Added!
We have Fully Anchored in the Pole SHIFT. . .
and It was FULLY Secured!
We ONLY Let the LOVE of God SOURCE Define Us!
Have a Peaceful… Powerful… and Wonderful Equinox week!
LOVE to Everyone!

💜 ~

Photo: Amazing Colours Spotted in Greenland during the Sunset captured by Cuma Cevik

L’Aura Pleiadian

lliSetSfmfuphhfpoteimbuensorr e20ldc aot feS1e2:S0inun2g PM  · “FALL EQUINOX September 22nd, 2020 ~ Into The Age Of Aquarius”

The Autumnal equinox is on Tuesday September 22nd at 10:30 am ADT and is the official beginning of FALL for those in the Northern Hemisphere.For those in the Southern Hemisphere this date also marks the beginning of spring.This very significant equal time celebration is a also an astrological marker for the ever continuing and leading up to, the beginning of the astrological Age of Aquarius, December 22, 2020.For those on the path of ascension; that is, living through the heart completely, we have the increased frequencies promoting the expansion of this process, handed to us as the GRAND opportunity.For those not in the heart, the ways of being potentially may become more etched in consciousness as the way of being of CHOICE ~ chosen.There is no judgment in anything at the higher levels. This is not what this is referring to.This is more of a revealing that will make clear, the path that one is chosen is on. The way of covering up or hiding how one truly is, those days are coming to an end.So here we are in the midst of CONTINUED great change. The Opportunity of all lifetimes. With the increased nature as turbulent waters, fire, earth and air play out their energies.We have ALL as it is meant to be.Those in the eternal flow only know.In this the love that is eternal, glorious and beautiful, that never ends, we ACTIVATE ever more the hearts that are ready to live AS SUCH.FULL POST:https://thenewdivinehumanity.com/2020/09/20/fall-equinox-september-22nd-2020-into-the-age-of-aquariusL’Aura Pleiadian


Congratulations 👏 You are attaining mastery in Love and Sovereignty, as a Warrior of YHWH. Your Warrior Embodiment carries the Starseed templates of the Lion of Judah 🦁, the Scorpion 🦂, the Queen Bee 🐝 and Bride of Christ 🌹. You have reached ascension in grounding and birthing these templates of Divine Counterparts into humanity. Well done Beloveds 🤗 This is leading us all home through the 1221 Emerald Heart Gateway 💚 We are ONE. Count your blessings 144000.The truth will set you free. Happy Equinox Beloveds. We are receiving more freedom from contracts and spells that kept us hidden. This freedom catapults the DNA of Christ and Christ Flame Counterparts into the DNA of the human mind and the human flesh. Double the protection now surrounds you and your Spiritual Mission with the Most High. Nothing can stop or harm you, Firstfruits. “My Mighty Warriors have begun in all Star Nations and all Christ Counterparts of Nine.” 1010 This Aries Full Moon October 1 2020 – 1001 – is flipping us through the portal gateway of the Infinite of Creator, launching us into our brand new cycle of Love, with our Christ Flame Counterpart. All masks will be gone for good. The 1111 Union can merge into reality with our Soul Flame, Flesh Flame Counterparts.All timelines are collapsing into One, merging us as Christ our Lord and Saviour, under ONE Temple of God, the Most High YHWH. The releasing from 88 Lion’s Gate in August 2020 has ended. Divine Intervention is here exposing what’s been hidden. You are being released from deep emotional wounds that kept you hidden and at the bottom, especially in love and marriage. Now you are ascending to the top, first, Firstfruits. Narcissistic betrayal is being purified out of the Divine Masculine now. They cannot move forward until this jezebel seed point of wolves in sheeps clothing are healed and transmuted from their Flesh. No more masks. All is being transmuted.Nothing can be hidden. This is the end of the seed point of all Soul contracts and binds with the devil. This is the end of narcissistic codependent cabal slavery chains in your Union, through all space, time, dimensions and realities now amen. The karma is neutralized. Blessings, abundance, love, joy, successes, harvest, and our new Sun of God may continue flowing into our lives now, and in all future lifestimes starting now in Jesus’s name amensource: http://www.kundalinitwinflames.com🙏 #holygrail#starseeds#newearth#144000#ascensionenergy#activations#divinemasculineenergies#divinefeminineenergies#alchemy#spiritualguidance#twinflame#twinflamereading#hierosgamos#Beloveds#divinefemininerising#raiseyourvibe#abundancemindset#divineunion#sacredunion#createyourownreality#soulpurpose#brideofchrist#prophecy#christconsiousness#sisterhoodoftherose#liontribeofjudah



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