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September 16, 2020
2:00 AM

It is I, Sophia.
It is One.


Thank you for coming forward.

What you are facing now is the eye of the storm. It is the fiercest moment in a battle. This time, fought more for a show of strength than for any real hope of winning. For the result has been written and known always. It has been written by Source and co-written by humanity. The result will be one that was earned, instead of handed to you. It is your choice that this be so.

A noble choice this is, and, typical of one that would be chosen by the race. For in your most critical moments, man rises to the occasion. It is your way. This time is one of those moments. You have declared yourselves free, and discovered the inner drive to realize that freedom. It surpasses all others and will see you through this moment.

What I’d like to talk about are methods of participation and ways that will enrich and support you in the coming days. For you will feel mightily challenged and even surrounded in what is not supportive. This will be illusory, and knowing where to focus will assist you in seeing what is real.

You have with you and behind you a legion of angels. They support you. They whisper ideas that result in positive, collaborative, constructive choices and ideas of all sizes. These may be prayers, phone calls, posts, articles, speeches, or participation. There are no small forward movements – each takes you closer to love. For ultimately your residence is there.

It will be challenging in the coming time to find and amplify these moments and actions of love – but not impossible. You will find such joy in the contrast of them to the destructive force unleashed now and promoted in your media. Even a few moments reprieve from that constant stream will push peace forward many times more so.

This greater impact is due to the contrast. It is, what may be called, their fatal flaw. In the push for control now ongoing, what is utilized is a single tactic. This tactic has been known to be successful here on earth and in fact worked for many years. This tactic is fear.

It does not take into account hope or unification or love or community, which are the more powerful human motivators. It is these you will promote and suggest as antidote, and it is these that will win the day.

You engage now in a war of frequency. The tools are perhaps new to your thinking as tools, yet they are not new to your nature or purpose. It is these that give your lives purpose and purity of intent. They are the sorts of things that make life “worth living” and they are being stripped from your everyday.

By hanging on to them in thought and conversation, by promoting them in posts and with action, you’ll see their power to unify you. The drive to connect and unite, to gather and build community, to reinforce and support, is so much more powerful than the force of destruction.

Now this is not to say that violence and destruction are not powerful. You are witnessing quite the opposite. Yet notice what you are not witnessing, because it is not obvious and not being shown to you. It occurs as an energetic force and lives and expands in the current frequency.

It is a positive frequency of love and growth. It is your hidden power and one unrecognized by those attempting control by fear. As was said, this is their fatal flaw.

Do all that you can think of to promote love and freedom and healing and reform. For reform is necessary and what this moment concerns. You “re-form” now your society and system of governance. You come to this moment with intention and are not ill-equipped for the job.

Would you be more specific?


What is needed now is calm reason that is non-polarized yet focused. This, my dear humans, those star seeds and light workers and warriors who feel themselves activated now, is your special sauce.

You came for this and the moment has arrived for you to utilize this particular skill. The one of resistance to polarization, with laser-focus on unity. It’s what convinced you to join this particular party. The idea that you’d get an opportunity to utilize your skill and live it in physical life. Such a feeling it is for the contrast to be realized and felt viscerally. The joy is exponential.

For you know and came knowing the truth – that destruction is a finite expression as a physical being; that fear constricts and that violence creates only fear. *

While in contrast and yielding** unending power is love and connection and promotion. All of these lead to growth and expansion.

You have before you now the opportunity to physically manifest a healing. It will be unlike any other previously experienced, due to its scope. It is the healing of your world.

These words are said as reminders to retain hope always and to consistently keep you “eyes on the prize”, regardless of how dim and blurry things become. It is a world built on love and from the ground up, and will be like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is because you are building it together.

Promote love always and there you’ll find the freedom you seek. Love asks you to accept all participants and welcome especially those tentative ones, newly arrived and unsure.*** They will not look or sound like you. You will recognize them by their frequency. The power of Unity is unmatched.

Your new world will be built with this power as its primary energy source. Hang on to all evidence of it. Primarily now you are to trust yourselves. Your intuition will tell you which direction to move. You will see, dear human, you will see.
It is always darkest before the dawn. The dawn comes next and once it begins – light will be all that you see.

That is all.

Thank you.

Thank you, my chosen one.

*A reference to the purpose of life itself, and the contrast of destruction – which hits a brick wall and stops, to love – which expands and grows and is exponentially more powerful as a result. It is love that is life’s purpose.

**Not being sure of this word as it came through, the definition is given here for “yielding” – an adjective; productive, which is defined as having the quality or power of producing, especially in abundance.

***Millennials, young people.

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