SHIFTING Into One of a Multitude of Parallel Worlds – by L’Aura Pleiadian

SEP 22

Posted by The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura | The New Divine Humanity


And so it is, like so many other awarenesses in the now. It is just now. Yet, there exists a multitude of optional world/consciousness existence choices, in this now moment.

The energy frequency that is made of consciousness is NEUTRAL. It does not care if you live this one existence or another. AS the frequencies are available to all without preference. The sun rises on ALL the same.

Yet coming back to the multitude of potential parallel world existences. THE one we are truly focused on in the now, not withstanding resistance frequencies such as karma, is the ONE we experience as our reality.

That is the frequency of our thoughts, our subconscious mind, our emotions, are worries and getting caught up in battle OF 3D energies, or NOT.

WHAT are you even thinking unaware? Feeling unaware? What is in your subconscious mind.

I had a major parallel world shift and now the WAY I see everything has shifted. I see clearly how the norms we believe in or not, are nothing but choices and or karma, the smaller self, holding things back.

Back from the ONLY one true power. The Divine power of love, which lives as the GLORY and BEAUTY as it is. That is through the one filter of true unconditional love.

Self love it starts with. No one can love another until they fully love themselves. IN this I am not speaking of ego love. Do this and gain that.

True love, that HOLDS the fears, the karma, the smaller self, in this ALL ENCOMPASSING love, that only knows itself as THAT.

Be present, be now, this way you UNDO the unnatural and step into the true YOU.

This one true you is eternal. And hears these frequencies that words appear they portray.

It is all frequency and light. The accessing of the true heart energies again are neutral. There are no favourites to receive the ascension.

The meek will inherit the Earth. As the meek and humble, only live in the now.

In this we activate you. To recognize that now is all there is. Through love, we are present and always have been. Since before the beginning of this UNIVERSE which also, is all now!


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