Fall equinox with Sun in Libra – Fearless Warirors of the Light – 5d Earth Ascension – via Paul Butler @ Prime Butler – 9-23-20


Joseph White Eagle

Native American Prayer Circlet2Sponotso2rsehde

  · Good evening brothers and sisters. Let us all walk hand in hand with love and peace in our hearts, let us bless others with our prayers and protect other life that do not have a voice. Live your life in a way that you have no expectation of tomorrow, do not worry or trouble yourself about the problems that come to test you, for if you are strong in faith than they will all sort out. It is not about what you do not have that will cause anxiety, but embrace the blessings you already have and than peace and happiness will live within you. Remember always that it is your spirit that is highly valued and your body is just a vessel of your spirit so you can live this short life on Mother Earth. Ekosi. 🌟🌿🌈💗

Maureen Moss

8tSfphonrsocraed  · Equinox BlessingBeloved Creator, Divine Mother, Mighty Elohim, Bless Us and Bless the Balance and Union of our Bodies, Hearts and Souls as we continue to raise our Consciousness on Earth as it is in the Heavens.Help us to go forth on Earth, in Balance, Harmony and Love.May WE BE the Blenders, Builders and Unifiers of Heaven on Earth.May the extension of Eternal Love, Eternal Light and Holy Ground establish itself within ALL.May WE ALL remain in our Hearts Presence and Wisdom in the coming days and all the days thereafter.May the Light, the Love and the Power of God Rise in US ALL.And so it is.Equinox Blessings Beloveds,MaureenImage artist unknown.

Pars Kutayt1Sponotso4rsehde  · HAPPY 2020 EQUINOXWhen ALL Things are in Equilibrium. . .NO Thing more Needs to BE Added!We have Fully Anchored in the Pole SHIFT. . .and It was FULLY Secured!We ONLY Let the LOVE of God SOURCE Define Us!Let there BE LOVE… COMPASSION… BALANCE… HARMONY… and UNITY.Have a Peaceful… Powerful… and Wonderful Equinox week!LOVE to Everyone!~ 💜 ~Photo: Amazing Colours Spotted in Greenland during the Sunset captured by Cuma Cevik

Sou Elas

Moon Soul SistersSeealmoptftldeflSmmpbstosero 19nms oant 9ccure:cg44 dPnroM  · Mother Earth is sending beautiful light codes. The time for releasing negativity is now to transform into our higher authentic selves. The fear agenda is being dismantled. Tap into love and peace within you. The universe is here to show us the way to the truth that’s been hidden from us. We are powerful when fear is liberated from us. Disconnect from your soul contract and discover how divine timing can allow us to embrace the 5D earth. It is here giving us the abundant blessings and love. Let’s raise our vibrations and we can remain more connected not divided. The Youuniverse is within us.



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