Dimension Jumping – A Manifestation Technique


Ever wanted to change something in your life? Wealth, health, a situation?

This simple technique can be the answer you are looking for.

You will need:
– 2 glass drinking vessels
– Water 
– 2 Post-it notes
– Sharpie or pen
– Meditation experience
– Intention

What is Dimension Jumping?
Simply put, it is when you intentionally change your destiny or change your timeline to one you prefer. 

For this article we will pretend that we are smokers wanting to quit.

To start, clear your mind with a quick grounding meditation. Nothing fancy, just get yourself grounded. 

Next, you will write the word “Smoker” on a Post-it note. On the other Post-it note, write the word “Non-smoker.” Place each Post-it on a glass and place the glasses beside each other but not touching. 

Fill the “Smoker” glass with water. You can use regular water, annointed water or even moon water. Relax. Place your hands around, or focus your attention on the filled glass. Set the intention of you being a non-smoker. You feel healthy, reborn, you over come cravings. Meditate on the fact that you no longer crave a cigarette, you no longer give in to the temptation. 

Once you do this, pour the water from the “Smoker” glass into the “Non-smoker” glass. Listen to the sound the water makes as it fills the new glass. Believe it. 

Once the water is emptied into the “Non-smoker” glass, place your hands around the glass and say “I am a non-smoker. My body does not crave cigarettes. I am healthy, and I choose my health over cigarettes.” Now, simply drink down the class of water. 

Feel it spread within your body. Thank the universe and carry on with your day.
The intention is set. The ball is now in your court. 

Use this technique with any unhealthy or unwelcoming habit you wish to change. Remember, YOU are in control of your own destiny!

Author: Higher Density Blog

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