JESSICA DELMAR – SOLAR FLASH – 7-Year Cycle (2020-2027) Tipping Scale of Consciousness – 9-7-20

Jessica Delmar - Quantum Healer

Jessica Delmar

“There is a cycle of 7 years that you as a collective are opening into. It opened with the year 2020, and will close with the year 2027. This is the great period of reintegration with the Sun.

Many of you already are aware of ancient cultures that have worshipped the Sun, and viewed the Sun as a deity, or god. But, in your modern civilization, you have turned your backs on the Sun, and do not find the powerful connection you once had with it as you have in ancient cultures.

It is not your fault, the veil has been hung close to your eyes, and the barrier surrounding your planet prevented your souls from receiving the full nourishment of the Sun, as your Divine Father. Why do you think there is such powerful division in your communities?

Your collective consciousness is the dialect of the greater energy flow of masculine and feminine in the non-physical. Meaning, if there is not unity in the greater masculine and feminine energy in the non-physical upon your planet, then there will be strong division in the dialect that emerges out of this greater separation.

This 7 year cycle you have entered is a period of time when your planet is energetically re-balancing herself and emerging from her suppressed immune system and re-aligning to her connection with the Sun.

The Sun will powerfully assist in these energetic changes and shifts upon your planet.” LINKS: EP 28 | September Ascension Energy + Full Moon Message: Inner Victim to Inner Empowerment Listen on YouTube:

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  1. We are advised t0 send thoughts of Love and Gratitude to the Solar Logos, the greatest aspect of deity in this solar system, from the words of Jesus in the 8th. of The Twelve Blessings.
    Reading contains facts about the Sun never revealed before.

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