Human Angelic Template – Amethyst Order Rha Kristos – Crystalline DNA Code of 144 – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 9-21-20


Hihan Ska Win

Native Prayer

tYoeemSpsoggmfmutgenesrSdgsayoatgr5:ed5h9rgdeaPM · O’ Creator I am humbled. Please hear our prayers…You and you alone know what we reveal and what we conceal. May you look kindly upon the whole human family. And, with your infinite Wisdom. See our strengths, and our weaknesses. Asign to ALL Sacred duties we are capable of fulfilling. We pray to do our part in Saving our home, our Mother, Earth. Grant us strength, compassion, courage, and take away those things that divide us. So we can come together UNITED, in our many works. Please grant us peace, love, joy, and dignity.My life has always been spent in service to you. If each person did a random act of kindness every day to help someone. At the end of a year, we will have made the lives of 365 people better, and easier to get through .We are grateful for all of our many blessings. We thank you for all things in this life. Good things sent down as blessings. And, bad things, too. Because we can gain strength, learn lessons, grow and evolve. Blessed be my Sacred SiSTARs, and Brothers. Mitáķuye Oyàšin Toksa*Nun’weEkosi

Celia Fenn

BELOVEDS… So, as we enter this week we transit the Equinox portal and the Sun moves into Libra.🌹Very strongly felt, the energy of the Divine Feminine, changing from Virgo Goddess to Libra Goddess: Ma’at the Sirian/Egyptian Goddess of Cosmic Balance.The ancient Egyptians would greet friends with the greeting “May there be Ma’at”, and they saw Ma’at or Cosmic Balance in all things, even in every breath that we take. 🌹So in this week I wish for all of you that you FIND “MA’AT” IN YOUR DAILY LIVES.Ma’at’s symbol, the white feather, indicates the “Lightness of Being” and the high frequencies that will be incoming this week, especially around the 21st to the 23rd which is the Equinox.🌹At this time, on the Earth’s spiral journey through Time/Space, the day and the night are of equal length, balancing the Light and the Dark into One Radiant Love.So, in our lives, the pressure to balance out our energies and bring the duality into “Oneness” will be intense.🌹Also a theme from now until the end of October and into the Scorpio Gate and the 11/11, will be the deep healing and activation in our DNA. The Human Angelic Template is emerging very strongly and we are releasing deep ancestral pain.You may feel this as chaos and anxiety and stress. But, as this energy leaves it is being replaced by the deep and profound Diamond Light.🌹This is deep “karmic healing” relating to past and future energies and the healing of our Solar system and our Planet.FLOW WITH THE ENERGIES IN PEACE . Do not resist with fear.All is well!Let there Be Ma’at!Have a powerful and wonderful Equinox week!Love to Everyone!Gratitude to Celia Fenn & Artist 🌹


Judith Kusel

Immense and intense energy shifts as more and more energy is being released.

Note this will work at a deep level within your head,

cranium area and spinal column, as well as with the upper chakras.

This is a total rewiring of our mental bodies so that we can truly function in the higher dimensional states.

It is working with the balancing of the left and right brain hemispheres, the pineal and pituitary glands and this is going to cause you to often feel a bit disorientated at times, as these adjustments happen.

You need to open the Anta Karnana Bridge (Lightbridge) more, as this now needs to expand the width of our shoulders and not just our heads.

With it the mental, emotional and physical bodies are being totally reshaped, reinvented and restructured.

Indeed, this is at deep cellular, atomic and molecular levels, as we need to be able to absorb ever higher light quotients, and thus illumination.

Be open to more and more drastic changes on all fronts, and note that there needs to be a total letting go of the old. When I mean old, it means everything, literally everything of the 3D.

Do not attach to anything or anyone anymore.

Let go. Surrender totally.

Let the Divine Source totally fill you and help you to get through the proverbial Eye of Needle, as this is happening now for all of us.

Judith Kusel


Photo: Ionospheric lightning by Jeff Myles



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