September 20, 2020 by Sitara

by Sharon Stewart

Earthlings are the only race in the galaxy that believe the way to peace is through war.

It’s what’s important to you. And you are your soul, not your embodied personality.

It’s when you realize that you could have been born into any body on earth that you realize that we are all One. You could have been born in any country, and born into any type of body. So that you can experience your lessons in a certain way.

When you understand that you have sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers and children anywhere out in the galaxy, you realize that we are all one family.

So you don’t see the point of war. You also have to understand that the beings running this earth now, the deep state, the dark ones, are the reverse of life: they are anti-life or evil if you care to spell it out. Evil being an anagram for life, pretty much. I’d put money on it in some old form of English that life was spelled with a v instead of an f, so evil would have been a perfect anagram of life.

Why deliberately make yourself feel bad? Why deliberately hurt other people? When you start to ask these questions, you don’t see the point behind war.

Adama: It is that you are asking these questions that’s important. The person who doesn’t question what they believe continues to live on in aggression towards others. Your focus is on winning. The corresponding emotional state is fear because love knows it always wins. That is the state of love: always winning. There is no loss with love. Because there is nothing to lose.

Me: What about losing your life?

Adama: Exit points are planned. And in the disembodied state one experiences their wholeness.

Me: Ah. I see.

Adama: Someone who would continue to live their lives in absolute grief or with such bodily harm, does not choose to continue. Some will, for the lesson or to teach others. Your people value your physical lives more than they do your etheric lives and this has to change. You all believe that this life is the most important life. No, the most important life is your total life, the one you spend as a disembodied consciousness because then you resemble most the God you seek so much to know in the physical. Your body separates you from God. The job is to reconnect with God, even though physically embodied.

You tend to believe paradoxes, such as the way to peace is through war. The way to peace is by being peaceful. It is not about taking up aggression or not being able to resolve one’s difficulties. You see this now as Trump brokers peace deals in the middle east unheard of in prior years. Because he has removed the problem makers. Those who did not want peace. Now you will see peace on the surface. Your people have to learn you are beings of peace, not beings of war. Reptilians and draconians are beings of war, they know nothing else but their urge to dominate and exploit others. Even then, some are learning, they are more evolved. But the ones who control the surface are who I speak of. They have tricked you into believing you’re like they are. You’re not. You have their DNA. DNA can evolve through the continual cessation of urges to dominate and be warlike. It can be done and it has been.

You believe the paradox that in having a physical body, it makes you whole. No, in fact it separates you from the wholeness of creation and your memory of yourself. This is sad.
You believe the paradox that you must seek love, when in fact you are who you seek. You are love. You put yourself down, yet seek outside of yourselves for someone to love you.

Me: LOL No wonder we don’t make sense.

Adama: The positive in all of this is that you can easily turn your thinking around. You can stop berating yourself when you realize that you are the love you seek and what you desire is to share yourself with others, not what you have been told at all – that you are asking others to share themselves with you. This is why extraterrestrials are of service – they know they are love. Those who are service to self do not realize this yet.

Me: It all makes sense.

Adama: Thank you for allowing me to serve, today, Sharon.

Me: Thank you for sharing yourself with us today, Adama!

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