A Vortex of Energy – By Ramona Lappin

A Vortex of Energy

By Ramona Lappin

By Ramona Lappin

There is a lot going on at all levels of creation, as I like to say. As I was trying to settle down in bed last night (Thur) I could feel a spiritual war going on, a huge clearing of many negative energetic beings and they weren’t leaving easily.

Now what I share is an insight of what I see, feel and being shown and I’m guided to start sharing more but I am not saying that any of what I share should be your experience or that this is the ultimate truth.

Also, this is an ongoing process, just as we shed layers after layer of karmic density, but last night was one of the more powerful clearings.

Sometimes I’m not even sure why I’m sharing these parts but if I don’t and I’m guided to, it will just go round and round in my head until I do lol.

So I can only assume me sharing this shall assist some

.We further released spells and curses around money (black magic spells and curses continue to be cleared).

I often get a general overview and not much detail yet. What I get is that this is part of the black magic grid connected to the money system but most importantly the energy around money is shifting as a result.

So people will feel less attached to their money, it will start feeling less important, for a lack of better words. I see much starting to shift in that regard now.

It should also be easier for us now to manifest abundance for those of us in ‘service to others’ mind sets that have often had struggles around this topic and our basic needs provided for.

The main thing each one of us can do to release them at a personal level is to lose all of our fears around money that ultimately keep us enslaved and stuck in poverty conscioussness programs.

Many of us will have had plenty of experience in transcending these. I’m expecting, without attachment, to see a breakthrough on this front now over the coming days and weeks.

I have seen signs already.We have been going through a period of expansion/ upgrades and contractions/ clearings over the past few days.

We continue to clear and activate our, the planetary bodies and grid system.

The focus is the third eye, crown and heart, merging and balancing these, a higher heart mind connection is the result where we are healing the disconnect.

You may have felt or soon be feeling a mellowing of the heart as part of a greater heart opening, yummy peaceful energies today also, again it’s a mixed bag this week.

The negative beings being taken off planet also results in deeper clearings at individual level, so many may feel a bit tired and mental and emotional clearings continue.

We may have felt anger arising. As always, let it come up and out, feel it, alchemise it, transmute it.

Allow the anger to surface and release or whatever else needs to clear, just do it in your own space, so not to direct your anger at others, that just creates more density.

Go to the woods/ secluded area to scream it out if necessary.

The sacral chakra is still clearing ancient karma and density and we can feel our solar plexus powering up, asking us to stand in our sovereign power.

It’s important that we focus on maintaining a sovereign field, energetically and otherwise.

Do not let other people or situations drain you.

Close those leaks, say no when you want to, don’t sacrifice yourself for others. When we speak about service to self versus service to others it doesn’t mean we forget about our own needs, no! As someone said correctly, it should rather be called ‘service to all’ which includes us too!! We actually have to put ourselves first, or rather have a balanced energetic give and take relationship with others.

We have to have our own cup filled up in order to be able to be at our highest frequency and in a balanced state in order to serve others.

So it’s a balancing act. But no more giving away our energy to people or situations that keep sucking our energy out of us, that causes energy leaks and imbalance.

So check on how you feel when interacting with others.

If it doesn’t feel good then there’s a reason.

We can not be sovereign and have a strong energetic field if we have energetic leaks, so I’d recommend to find and close them.

So a little recap on what other symptoms (this is not medical advice) many are experiencing; increase in ear ringing/ tones of frequencies as well as third eye, crown, pineal, pituitary gland activations and openings and skull pressure.

We are aligning our central collum and dialling in to a higher intelligence, higher dimensional frequencies and light.

May need more rest and sleep, sleep problems like hard to fall asleep or waking up often, little recall of dreams.

You may have headaches, sinus pain, ear pressure, tingling around the crown, teeth pressure and sensitivity. In addition our heart and brain, masculine and feminine essence, merging and balancing. Some of us are stepping into a higher level of embodiment by a series of activations of our Krystallah body, our eternal light body.

If you have had sensations of your skull structure changing, I will add a link for more information in the comments section.

I’m also getting the msg that the next wave is going to feel like a whirlpool or rather vortex of energy.

If we stay in the centre it will be less turbulent and we can make it fun! So people will have different experiences depending on where they are and how they respond to what is going to play out (I’ve no idea what!). I am starting to get that it will act like a time vortex, again, I’m not sure what that exactly means but my feeling is that a lot is going to happen, a lot of higher timelines being available and activated.

I’ll share more if/ when I get more. This next wave will start on the 18th and goes until the 27th (at least).

I’m just sharing as guided, also remember that timelines can fluctuate, they aren’t linear but timeless and run parallel, we have gone quantum.

This vortex type energy feels very different to most energy waves that we’ve seen so far. I feels it’s important to understand that in any now moment we can decide to change lanes and switch to a higher experience/ timeline.

Anyone can, no matter what anyone has previously done, always remember that change is the only constant and that people also do and can change. So it’s definitely beneficial to keep an open mind and just observe what transpires.

Don’t have a fixed believe on how anyone is, we all have different versions of self, have trust in humanity, have trust in the universe.

Most importantly, trust and BELIEVE IN YOU and your magical transformation from caterpillar  to butterfly !!

Also, let’s stay humble when interacting with others or even when we think about them.

This time of great division is going to bring us ultimately closer together. Remember that separation is the ultimate illusion we are here to transcend. Nobody knows it all and our beliefs are now going to change more than ever, collectively.

Remember all the things you once believed in, haven’t they also and are continuously changing and adjusting?

There is always a higher truth, a new perception, a higher intelligence and conscioussness available.

Yet we have to not attach to any one truth, that’s ego, thinking we have something all figured out and know more than others. In general, looking down or up to anyone is one of the main problems here.

We have to get to a point where we truly feel equal to others, not better, not worst, just all different and unique.

All having a different conscioussness experience as unique fractals of God Source.

Let us not be divided and conquered, let’s stand side by side, respecting each other’s differences.

I may writer a separate post about this as it really got to me today of how we have come this far, calling ourselves spiritual and then look down upon others, calling them sheep and other things, us feeling all woke and see others sleeping. Well hello, they are actually here to remind us of our own parts that are still living with amnesia.

Let’s just all eat a huge helping of humble pie and remember how we can start cultivating better forms of communication and interaction and BE THAT CHANGE we wish to see in the world.

We have to get to a point where we don’t have the programs running that make us feel superior or inferior to any other, that’s one of the biggest problems we face, competition is part of this. We are all equals and are all totally unique and comparison doesn’t get us nowhere. Ok, enough for now As I woke up Wednesday morning I had this feeling that I had just woken up in a new dream.

Just a feeling of everything is new where the outside didn’t seem to have changed at all.

I feel this was like a preview, like getting the feeling before the physical manifestation. The weather was the only very interesting thing I noticed being different. First, it was a thick layer of dense fog until the afternoon as I finished my energy work, also intending for the fog to lift as I did (we can work with the elementals).

Then it was wispy wirley clouds and clear skies and sunshine and as the evening and sunset came the sky filled with white blue and a bit of peachy pink plasma charged clouds, feeling warm and moist with a very interesting energy to it, just felt very ‘different’ and as if a storm was approaching, which it didn’t.As I finished working energetically on myself and the planetary grids and stargate system Wednesday, I had this excited feeling that something big and amazing is about to happen.

I have no idea what but I feel it’s going to bring big change, ultimately positive, at a personal and collective level. I can now see that this is the vortex of energy upon us (apparently, again, I’m just sharing what I see)

.All is shifting in a huge way that’s all I can say for sure right now, I believe most of us can feel that.

The rest, we shall see. As a beautiful saying goes ‘the future is unwritten’. Just endless possibilities!

It’s for us to open those doors and be the consciouss Co-creators of the most beautiful dreams to become a reality. Always remember, everything is possible, so DREAM BIG!

Eternal Love & Blessings,



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