9~9 Gateway Meditation

LoveLight Meditation Circle


Greetings dear LoveLights  💖

A warm welcome to all joining in the LoveLight Circle Meditations for the first time, and much love and gratitude to all who continue to bring your light of love into the multidimensional co-creation of planetary ascension!

On September 9th each year, there is a heightened vibrational alignment with the Angelic Realms which we call the 9~9 Gateway. We can connect in our inner hearts with the LoveLight of Source as it expresses through the Angelic Rays, Soul Groups and Overlights/Oversouls in any moment. We can open our earthly selves to receive and anchor the most grace-full, uplifting, infinitely loving Angelic Light in any moment…and during the 9~9 Gateway we have an enhanced opportunity to align and ground this beautiful, universal LoveLight together, creating a unified focus with beloved Gaia and the light-grids around her planetary body Earth, to enhance the realization of Ascended Earth in this perfect Now moment.

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