Transformation To: A Light Body During Ascension ~ August 22, 2020

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What Is A Light Body?

The Goal of all Souls is Ascension, to Merge, to Align with Pure Divine Source Energy. The Merging of a New Consciousness that envisions the World Spiritually, not Materially. The Divine Activation of your Spiritual Awakening. A powerful transformation that Awakens the Encoded Data, to realign Humanity. Our Light Body is the vehicle of our Spiritual Awakening.

Archangel Gabriel –Known as the ‘Messenger of God.’ The Angel of Ascension, New Beginnings, Truth, and Life’s Purpose.

The Egyptians call the Light body– Merkaba –Mer{Light}Ka{Soul}Ba{Body}. They believed that this was the Chariot of the Soul.The Souls transition vehicle activated during Ascension, the Energy field that surrounds your Human body. The Light Energy activation process that anchors the Physical body with Higher Frequencies of the 5th Dimension.

It’s relative to this Era as it combines opposing energies into perfect balance…

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