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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov,

August 23, 2020

The blue-pink rays of the healing centre of light in Diano Marina taken by Amora on August 20th from Cervo

This whole last week we made a huge shift to higher frequency levels and are since yesterday in a new reality. This happened immediately after the powerful Lion’s Gate Portal was fully opened. I will be short. It started on August 15th with a massive cleansing wave that hit me very hard. Other PAT members also confirmed this exact same experience on that day, at the exact same moment. We went to very low timelines and it was hell. Chemtrails everywhere, when one has in mind that before that we didn’t have any chemtrails for months. I had non-stop downloads of source energies day and night as cc-waves and excruciating headaches left and right with an alternating stabbing pain in the eye sockets…

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