Powerfully Transformational Pure Source Energy – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 8-11-20



Sophie Bashford
8.8.20 :
The Lion’s Gate

You’ve completed a significant awakening cycle that relates to your previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

It’s time to celebrate the completion of a profound growth phase.

Contemplate all the winding paths that have been an integral part of the past 12 or so years.

Every person you’ve met, healed with, forgiven, loved and walked this path with has been a vital element for clearing the way.

Every person you’ve let go of, walked away and cut cords from, learned important lessons with – they’ve all had vibrational resonances from your experiences in Atlantis.

You don’t have to ‘understand’ this on a mind level to receive healing from it now.

Today marks a pivotal juncture, not because everything will suddenly ‘be okay’ and look the way your ego or personality may say it needs to be.

8.8.20 is saying to you that things will be more than ‘okay’.

Releasing blocks from Atlantean and Ancient Egyptian lifetimes is an enormously demanding process and requires years of inner work.

There’s not ever been a ‘quick fix’.

The unwinding of your golden Atlantean energies asks you to look inside yourself in the most comprehensive and searing ways;
to plunge into your darkest fears, wrestle your most controlling inner demons and take total responsibility for your own healing, growth and happiness – whatever that means to you.

Coming to full Atlantean consciousness is rigorous work.

It’s the shedding of a thousand psychic layers,
the dissolving of mountains of repressed grief, shame and guilt, the igniting of previously dormant, tightly hidden coils of masterful divine source power.

Only YOU will know what these words mean for you, today.

Your experience of healing and answering your Calling is not like anyone’s else’s.

You don’t have to do anything with this information.

Just let it sink into your bones, nestle into your heart, cradle itself inside your womb or lower belly.

Today is your day.

And all the days that unfold after this one: are living in the holy gift that is your Awakened Atlantean Soul.

© Sophie Bashford 2020
Artist: Carol Cavalaris “A new beginning “

source: http://www.sophiebashford.com

Lisa Marie Wright


Powerfully transformational Pure Source energy bathing the planet
Remaining open to incoming energies “Allow me to See” ,
connecting with Sunshine, Water, Nature (toes in grass/hug a tree…) and trusting what flows through you
…much activations upgrades, huge leaps in consciousness, much heart expansion and
deeper clarity knowing truth
Ask and you shall receive
Happy Lion’s Gate Portal
Have a Magically Transformational Day

Daniel Scranton


Lions Gate Energies = More Visits from E.T.s ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing how humanity has been handling the onslaught of higher vibrational energies that you have experienced there since the Lions Gate Portal has been wide open. And we are pleased to share with you all that the work you have been doing on yourselves has paid off tremendously. You have been establishing new timelines, creating new gridlines, and receiving activations to your chakras, as well as being able to receive more in your energy fields.

You have been anchoring in that which humanity needs because of that desire that you have to be of service, and you are all awake enough to know that all the changes you want to see on your planet are going to come because of you and your grounded spirituality. These changes are going to occur because individuals like you have been able to open up and receive all that your fellow humans have been summoning. You have agreed to play this role, and you have had enough practice, and you have suffered from enough ascension symptoms now to where you know what you are doing.

You know how to handle these energies and make them available to others. You are the ones who will take the energies coming in at this time and co-create a version of Earth that will propel the human consciousness into a fifth-dimensional frequency state. You are the grassroots movement. You are the ground crew, and you have impressed so many of your extra-terrestrial friends that you can expect more visitations on a personal level, and you can expect them very soon.

You have demonstrated to us, and to all of the other beings and collectives that have been helping you, that you are ready for more. You have demonstrated that you are ready to go further while the portal is still open, and we can speak for ourselves when we say that we are not holding back, because we’ve seen what you can handle, and we know who you really are.

And now is the perfect time to begin the time in your lives where you will take that leadership role, where you will guide your fellow humans. And it is the perfect time for you to also experience more ease in your own lives. We are so very happy to be on this journey with you and to see you progressing every single day.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

source: danielscranton.com



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