Gateway to GODhood: over the rainbow bridge ~ August 9, 2020

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Sweet Jesus, that was a whopper of a lunar cycle. 😳 The August 3d, Aquarius full moon (in a square with Uranus ⚡️ in Taurus🌳 to boot) not only closed a major door for the ascending, it also blew the Lion’s Gate wide open, facilitating the transfer of Christed current into the physical world to activate those Creator Conduits at the ready for the light of GOD to enter the material realms.

This was an enormously powerful (electrical) blast of energy that made its way from the heavens to deep within the core of our personal and planetary root structure to initiate the (unexpected) breakthroughs…wake-ups & shake-ups…needed to disconnect/unhook from the old template, clear the enslavement programming from our DNA (hard drive wipe), and reboot our processors in preparation for the Lion’s Gate.

After all the intensive clearing work thru the eclipses, the events of this major gateway week are…

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