The Ascension Journals- Me, Myself, and My Crystal-


The Vibration of Ascension ~ Goddess Light
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The following series of five editorials focus on the next dimension and offers a realistic look at just some of the elements helpful for those who want to know more about what it involves. We call the series the ascension journals because it has been the desire from Karra and I to be on the same dimension at some point in our future. While she has spent my whole life doing her best to guide me in the right direction, I have only had an active role in the process since the age of eighteen. Funny enough, it was crystals that started our journey so it is only appropriate that they be the focus of this first journal. Before we begin, there is a question of perception that must be addressed. Paging down through my Facebook news feed will inevitably bring along a post about someone predicting a change of dimensions any day without a clear idea of what that will achieve. To bring some clarity to the discussion, the entire eight years of channeling sessions we have posted online in the Hades Base News is all based on the concept of meeting those who have actually ascended. What it is like on a higher dimension? What is expected of oneself once it is reached? What are the best ways of leaving the third dimension? We will answer the last question first since it’s the easiest of the three. Simply put, there is no best way and it is only through learning enough lessons from living and dying multiple times that ascension takes place in some next life. Now getting there isn’t as hard as people think and staying there isn’t as easy as people think either. That last part, staying there, and the two remaining questions above of how to get there and what it’s like are the focus of these journals. Ascending to the next dimension is only half of the goal with a lot more information needed for those ready to change dimensions. Now, onto crystals.   My foray into the world of natural energies began during a class on the Kabbalah I had taken which we have written about in a previous editorial. The teacher of the class explored various theories about the Kabbalah, one of which was that it was so old it was handed down from Atlantean teachers. From there, she introduced us to the great crystals of Atlantis and the various roles they played in the continent’s mysterious history. Especially fascinating to me 

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