MAGENTS PIXIE – Lion’s Gate Round Table – 8-8-20 PORTAL

Magenta Pixie

Laura Eisenhower hosts a Lion’s Gate Round Table with Jen McCarty, Magenta Pixie, Lisa M Gunshore and Amenti the Awakener. Discussing the importance of the Lion’s Gate portal, timeline bifurcation two world split, psychic insight on Trump and the upcoming US election and timelines for the rest of 2020. Recorded August 7th 2020. * Jen McCarty * * Magenta Pixie * * Lisa M Gunshore * * Laura Eisenhower * * Amenti the Awakener * https://www.amentitheawakenerofficial…

BOOKS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Lessons from a Living Lemuria… * The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote… * The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame… * Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template… * Masters of the Matrix

MEDITATION COLLECTIONS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Elemental Dream… * Sacred Quest… * Magenta Pixie Meditation Mega Bundle…

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