White Solar Worldbridger – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 8-3-20


Lee Parore is with Paige Hall.

July 25

WE are a living light code

Star essence in origins

Embedded within a matrix of consciousness

Quantum liquid-plasma technology

Coded to a multi-dimensional reality

Problem is humanity has been spellbound – anaesthetised – programmed with controls placed within our consciousness over time

Essentially, we have been cut-off energetically from the source of our genesis

Key is understanding the holographic nature of reality and our body – how energetically we are connected at a body-planetary-galactic level

Holographic conscious living entity

Embedded within living consciousness grids/networks of communication for the energetic evolution of all living things

Whereby, everything in the un-manifest has a blueprint prior to actualisation into matter

Note – those whom have been watching my recent travels to Sedona – this is the on-going intel gathered from the seat of the North Star

The Golden Eagle Grid based in Iran-Iraq is a major communication Stargate that operates in conjunction with the Great White Lion Grid situated in Egypt – that is connected via grids to Sedona to naturally align into the heart of the Andromeda galaxy (our way out of this distorted matrix)

Key global access centres connecting our energetic solar star and physical aspects of planetary and our multi-dimensional nature to unity consciousness that supports the law of one

The architecture of the vertical staff pillar designed to stream incoming source codes/cosmic rays from north to south, with the outgoing frequency spinning up the pillar running south to north – foundational template to planetary and human sovereignty

Whereby the female principle heart holds the placement for the male principle heart to anchor the horizontal rod pillar into the vertical staff pillar central core inside the heart complex – which evolves into a male-female heart twinning function when they unite – the marriage of Hieros Garros to transpire

Problem, is how this rod and staff configuration has been tampered with for eons – artificially tilting the planet away from the galactic core and incoming rays seeding our evolutionary path – pointing to a black hole, aka the beast machine with its 666 seal, – creating a quarantine field, called the wall of time, ring pass not, net – with its distorted light-operating system of the Gregorian Calendar and war, divide and conquer imprints of a blood cult – in service to an electromagnetic harness field, soul catcher, sale light at the end of the tunnel

Blocking access into the higher dimensions and parallels and to eliminate the mother principle (where she is not there is no life) that births the golden, christ consciousness child, via her brith canal womb-gateway, vortex into this dimension, coded with fractal ley lines of planet earth

Yet, today is the day out of time – the bridge between the old and the new tomorrow the galactic new years – the air is changing as new elements are streaming forth activating genetic information to occupy your space in time

Look to the Sun to see the restoration that is now underway, as we are aligning back to True North within the core of the galaxy – we are being up-graded as are the Stargates – some may see the sun dog in the skies, wth the Sirius Suns, the galactic royals now streaming through strong (see pic in comments) – with it comes the dolphin rainbow bridge (see my post 15th July) even tho they continue to spray the skies – we are being restored as the distortion of lies is now exposed and cleared away

We are the now guardians ushered in here to see a divine plan come into its fruition, now down-loading the instructions sets of information to these new times

We have work to do – first is to stop listening to the propaganda that has us in divide and conquer mode against each other and begin to adhere to the law of one, right relations for all – with Father, Mother, child restored as the Trinity we are (we are being asked to change and be as one)

To prepare the planet and our body’s energetic anatomy to sovereignty, liberation and crowning – activate the 7 circuits within the brain, aka 7 levels of heaven to conscious mastery…

To correct the male and female, rod and staff planetary architecture, along with repairing the androgynous albion body template – building wings through the horizontal planetary rod pillar for the masculine electrical principle

The roadmap from the lower triad of our being/planet to the higher monad of our being/planet

Transforming our light field into a toroidal aura, with access to Stargate systems on this planet and Stargates that leads into other dimensional spaces

Note – the kids of this new generation get this on so many levels – they are the inter-galactic interface between dimensions/worlds – most of the older generations merely fell asleep at the wheel – the indigo, crystal and rainbow starseeds will lead the way into peace

The goal is to be of service

In a higher reality experience

Next level by divine design,

Avatar intelligence – bodies designed to connect to the soul by 12 – connect to the monad by 22, and be an avatar by 33 to be superseded

Full multi-dimensional being to come

Universal and planetary stargates are now being up-grade to 24D by way of a new, ancient light-operating system coming on-line

We have the technology within our consciousness – crystal-liquid medium structures subject to frequency

As specific planetary gates activate as do we

The higher-heart and back of the neck start to feel higher-energy streaming in

13th gate opening up to the next harmonic universe

Beyond, resides the three primal sounds of creation, trinity flame

Where the whale and the dragon meet

Note – As for America, once refereed to as the Golden Calf to be sucked dry, chopped up and sold off piece by piece, until there is nothing left but the biggest welfare controlled state (look to what happened in Yugoslavia, video in comments) – Is as we get our self and planet right, with the guidance of the Postmaster General to be transformed into a New America – land of the turtle, door of the child with the primary, infinite fractal located in New Mexico back on-line

You’d be thinking this has all been a simulation, game of consciousness learning about itself…

Constructed to the support the law of one – all with the sovereign right to thrive

Free from programming and control

Footnote – Look to how those in-charge of this current pandemic, locked down into quarantine are zapping our third eye – centre of the forehead that is being targeted, with an infrared ray laser gun to take our temperature in response to a virus that has a high-survival rate

Knowing a laser thermometer is more accurate on the wrist or elbow fold

Our pineal gland is an integral piece of our energetic anatomy, designed to grant us access to inter-dimensional reality – coupled with the thalamus gland as part of our higher sensory perception and spiritual guidance system – not to forget the production of the hormone melanin that uses light to change into to something else…?

Breath is primary to our health, and the direction to the genetic mutation we put into motion

Access to the zero point field that is the source of our genesis

Energetic reality of intelligence beyond thought form

Photo Credit – Paige Hall – you rock sister

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