Today we have entered the most Powerful month of the year! Kin 125: Red Galactic Serpent – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 8-2-20


Sangeeta Handa

August, the Lion’s Month, is the important period for all Souls who accepted the Call to enter the GamePlan of Gaia and descent upon earth, millions of years ago.
All of us on earth are Star Seeds from other Star Programs and Star Systems.
We are the collective players on this planet who accepted the Rules of the Game, however lethal and fatal, and volunteered to participate willingly, eagerly.

In the month of August we have the Sirian Lion’s Gate Portal that opens on the 8th (8:8) thru its Gateway that already opened its gates on the 26th of July (for which you received the mindblowing NewsLetter, explaining the Number 1, 7, 8 significance).

In this period (July & August, Numbers of 7 and 8) the “Sirian Blue-Violet Light” that is pouring on earth is releasing thru its
structure the codings of the ‘Language of Light’, the ‘Harmonic Science’, the ‘Sirian Higher Geometric Holographic Frequencies’, and the ‘Higher Light Packets of Information from Sirius’ into our hidden Soul DNA or, as it is called by me – the JOY DNA but referred to man as the junk dna; transmutating our lead into gold, our density lead into golden light.

This SIRIAN LIGHT is the “Philosopher’s Stone” – the Manna that all thru the centuries, the Kings and Monarch of various European provinces vested time, energy, gems, jewels, and treasures to find.
This era of the search of the Philosopher’s Stone gave birth to Alchemy, Alchemists, Chemistry, Laboratories.
Large chests of wealth were spent on this science and scientists as every monarch knew, if he found the Alchemical Technology of Transforming Lead into Gold, he would instantaneously become the most powerful King on earth.

This is when Saint Germain too made his 350 years appearances in Europe and was in great demand as he was the “Commander Alchemist” from the ethers who wore the alchemy in his body as the proof of his ageless appearance for 350 years.

Little did the dense minds of the great StarSeeds in Amnesia realize, the Technology (imported from the ethers) was not to be found in laboratories!
However, even today when it is available on earth for all, the humans yet don’t know!
This is why THE AMETHYST TABLET is made available on earth!

“The Real Power of the Manna cannot be found by he who sought for self-glory! Gold is the highest vibratory element on Gaia and cannot be attained by dense vibrations or thru dense vibrations.
Both, the means and the end, require the quintessential Vibration of Light. Since.
The Outcome and the Intent are the same!” This is the Highest Occult Wisdom!

The Light coming in is strong and overwhelming so relax, rest, and bathe in its glory.
Focus upon becoming the Powerful “Violet-Blue Alchemists” yourself in this powerful month of the Sirian LionsGate!

Sangeeta Handa

Judith Kusel


As we are stepping ever higher into our new crystalline energy body, note that you will now operate on a much higher frequency band, where life becomes more non-physical and lost its denseness.
Indeed life itself will be lived out more on energetic levels than in the physical.
You literally do not need to physically travel anywhere – you can be there instantly at any moment you are choosing to be there.
More than this our relationships will change and be in energetic forms and higher levels as we will start attracting and interacting more with those who are in the same frequency and vibration as we are in the 5D and higher, as those chosing to stay in the 3D will be filtered out, via the dimensional energy we are now embracing fully.
It is therefore wise to not hold onto or attach to anything anymore.
The dimensional shift is accelerating as the Fires of Purification are sweeping the earth.
We are in for more powerful and drastic frequency changes and therefore rapidly shifting now.
Judith Kusel

Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved hearts,

As we enter into the month of August, we experience the 08-08 Lion’s Gate portal and a deeper alignment to the Patterns of Perfection as the Divine Liquid Light of Mother/Father God pours forth through the Galactic Center and Spiritual Sun of Sirius, through our Sun and Solar System, and links into the 144 Crystalline Grid of One Unity Consciousness. This Galactic Superwave brings through the Cosmic Ray frequencies and Photonic Light energies that are releasing karmic imprintings for all of humanity, as we are take ever deeper into the no time, no space, fifth dimensional frequencies of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates.

This 08-08 Lion’s Gateway can be likened to a supernova – a luminous stellar explosion of Cosmic Light – that presents a window of opportunity of accelerated consciousness for all Life upon this sacred earth; a quickening of Divine Presence and deepening levels of Soul embodiment. As we align into the Sun behind the Sun, the Spiritual Sun of Sirius, timelines of self-mastery amplify, Star Ki codes ignite, Diamond Light Codes actualize, cosmic ray frequencies accelerate, Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes rebalance and mission codes ground as higher wisdom unveils, and new neural pathways emerge through the Heart of Divine Love. These Light codes and cosmic consciousness awareness serve to activate timelines of highest potentialities as well as take us deeper into the Star Portals and the Christed ET connections as One Heart and One Love.

While the clearing work continues, both personally and collectively, a point of stillness in the re-emergence of Divine Presence is the gift that amplifies through our Loving Hearts and our Unified Merkaba Fields of Divine Love. With a renewed sense of purpose through the Lion’s Heart of courage, empowerment and sovereignty, this truly is a new beginning for all awakening and awakened Souls as the intensity of the pandemic subsides energetically and our ability to handle the higher dimensional energies grounds through the body with a much greater level of ease and grace. Purpose and passion come with renewed will and knowing and wisdom emerge as we look through our Master eyes at all of Life around us. In the knowing that we are Love; in the knowing that we are One. In the knowing that this Cosmic RESET anchors the Light of God ever deeper through and within the hearts of every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth.

The Stargate of Sirius commenced July 23rd with the Rise of Sirius. This is the day when Sirius rises on our horizon just before the Sun. The Rise of Sirius begins a 55-day cycle, from July 23 to September 15, when the Sirian Stargate is opened and activated more widely than at other times; when the dimensional frequencies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness expand and activate the portals of Highest Potentialities as the Flames of Divinity We Are, aligning us to the Galactic Center as well as our Galactic Heritage.

As we align into the higher dimensional fields of Light, the Sun behind the Sun, and Gaia prepares the Light Grids for the next level of the New Earth Templates, we are invited to experience the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light through a Group Merkaba Field activation. Through the Beloved I Am of All Awakened Souls, we merge with Soul and Star family as we deepen into our Highest Potential and next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light, whilst holding the Flame of Divine Love through our Loving Hearts for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Invocation for the Group Merkaba Field Activation into the Heart of Divine Love

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light,
the Archangels and Angels, the Trinity Lords of Light, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek,
the Chohans of the Rays: El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, St. Germain, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin and Pallas Athena,
the Mighty Elohim,
the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light,
Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Helios and Vesta and Lord Melchior,
the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis,
and all other Beings of Light I personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence, the Highest Light that I Am within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

Surrounded in the Diamond Flame of Mother/Father God,
I now find my Self within the Unity Grid of Divine Love,
connected to the Light Workers, Starseeded One, and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light.
I now connect to the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light,
experiencing the Unified Heart Merkaba activation through the Overlighting of Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.

A diamond star tetrahedron now activates within my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint,
as I clear the karmic timelines no longer necessary to experience in this Golden Age of Light,
rescinding and breaking any and all vows and contracts created in this lifetime or any other lifetime/parallel realities, and all incarnations for all time, space and dimensions that no longer serves our Highest Good.
I now declare these contracts null and void, understanding these lessons in Love and forgiveness.

As I align my will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God,
I bring a focus to the Golden Flower of Life that expands from within my loving heart,
and into a beautiful Golden Flower of Life sphere 54 feet in diameter around me.
And now within this, I visualize a beautiful silver-gold sphere 10.8 feet in diameter around my Self.
I now visualize three super-imposed star tetrahedrons within this silver-gold sphere of Light,
all the exact same size superimposed over one another.
I now spin my emotional body star tetrahedron in a clockwise direction within this Golden Flower of Life,
at the same time spinning the mental body star tetrahedron in a counter clockwise direction,
as I now recite the following Fibonacci ratios and God speeds of Light:
8/5, 11 times God speed to infinity,
13/8, 22 times God speed to infinity,
21/13, 33 times God speed to infinity.
And now, my Light Body/Merkaba field is activated to the speed of the fifth dimension, to the new Earth Templates of Divine Love.

And now, Lord Melchizedek offers to us this sacred Melchizedek Platinum Flame of Healing.
As I surround my Self in the sacred Melchizedek Platinum Flame of Healing,
lower density vibrations and frequencies are lifted, transmuted and embraced with the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

And now, as I bring a focus to the star tetrahedron within the Light Body of Mother Earth,
I wrap Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Melchizedek Platinum Flame of Healing,
and now the Diamond Flame of Divine Love, Purity and Innocence,
as I assist in clearing each country I am drawn too of karmic energies no longer necessary to be experienced or re-experienced,
as well as release discomfort, fear and distress around the Coronavirus,
as the Lion’s Heart energy of Courage and Strength and Empowerment activates upon this sacred earth.

I now project this star tetrahedronal shape through the hearts and minds of all Humanity and the Overlighting of their Beloved I Am Presence.

And now, as I experience the Lion’s Gateway,
I bring a focus to the Golden Flower of Life and a Golden Solar Sun Disc of Light within my heart.
As I align into the inner Earth Sun, the Sun, the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun,
I call upon the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
I now ask to receive the streams of Christed Consciousness activated through all Christed Timelines of my Highest Potential as an Initiate of Light.
I ask that these gifts from my multidimensional Selves experienced in all dimensions of Light now activate through my Solar Crystalline Sun DNA Templates of Light,
so that I may fully remember and experience my magnificence and Light,
and the next level of my Soul’s Purpose,
as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.

And now, I bring a focus to the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects within my Self.
As the kundalini energy gently rises through my chakras,
I focus on lifting the star tetrahedron through each of my chakras,
and experience now a deeper sense of Divine Love, Peace and Harmony,
and the integration of the new Solar Crystalline keycodes of Light.

I now find my Self back in my sacred space,
grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth,
and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.
I now bring a focus to this beautiful Golden Flower of Life, 54 feet in diameter around me,
holding all the new Earth Templates, keycodes, fire letter and geometries of Light.

I am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,
a volunteer Soul to Mother Earth and all her Life.
I choose the Pathway of Divine Love
trusting and surrendering to Mother/Father God.
I experience and feel my Self through the Center of Creation,
as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light,
in Divine Love, In Harmony, Strength and One Unity Consciousness.
I Am All That I Am.

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