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Beloved St Germain and the Goddesses of Liberty, Justice & Truth, there maybe people here who were feeling confused about the potentially conflicting advice given in previous message(s).

When faced with making a decision (in our sacred quest for Freedom), which one out of the following two options is the most suitable one to make, to stay in perfect alignment with our I AM Presence & our Ascension goals?

Option A:

To rebel, revolt, resist, join peaceful protests/demonstrations, act up, speak out, ‘battle it out’, take action and hold the ‘villains’ accountable for their actions -> in order to defend our Free Will to: do/be/express ourselves, whenever we feel that our freedom; our rights are not respected, or have been oppressed/taken away from us?

Is the ‘rebellion’ or ‘resistance’ route, the true, higher-dimensional route that we should always choose for ourselves, in order to reach that Holy Land of the Free?

Option B:

In several messages channeled here in recent times, it had been mentioned that:

Resistance is all about believing that you are vulnerable and susceptible to something not wanted and thus you are holding a stance of protection – which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-Being that would be there otherwise.

So does this mean we should do our best not to resist, and just meekly surrender our fates, rights or freedom, to the people/world around us – in order to create a harmonious environment for all involved? Is it truly the higher dimensional way to simply accept, not take any action, and choose to live peacefully with others, by always: letting go, forgiving and forgetting the unfairness/injustices/the wrongs that had been done unto us?

In other words, must we always love our ‘enemies’ and passively/patiently accept all the restrictions/unfair limitations/wrongs that people or the world had imposed upon/done unto us, with the hopes that one day…they will change their ways?

Is passively accepting everything, and trying our best to be a saint, (in the face of all aggravating or unfair situations, especially whenever our Freedom was being oppressed/limited/taken away from us) the higher dimensional route that we should always choose instead?

Will the route that we need to take depend on the unique challenges/situations that we are facing in that moment?

And now, at the risk of sounding a bit like Shakespeare, I also felt the need to ask the following questions to you all, that are in fact variations of his ‘To be or not to be – that is the question’ soliloquy in Hamlet.

To rebel or not to rebel (e.g. against strict parents, against an abusive spouse, or against oppressive authorities)?

To resist or to accept (e.g. the many measures/rules/restrictions that the government and/or businesses had put in place to ‘fight’ the virus)? To wear or not to wear a face mask as mandated and enforced by law e.g. here in Melbourne?

To walk away from a fight in order to maintain peace, or, not to walk away -> by standing our ground & working hard to reach an agreement/a win-win solution that will be fair for all parties?

To delete all low-vibrational comments/videos/posts, or, not to delete anything (perhaps for the sake of either: defending the cause of Freedom of speech/self-expression, or, maintaining a harmonious relationship with the people involved so that their feelings are not hurt)?

To participate in peaceful protests to bring about change, or, not to participate?

To send or not to send the animal livestock that we currently ‘own’ to those very low-vibrational places so that we can sell their body parts for a living/for a profit, and pay our bills.

To break free, walk away and live a happier life for ourselves (e.g. by breaking our vows/promises/agreements previously given in any type of relationship, such as family, romantic, business, employer-employee relationships), OR, to live harmoniously with those around us by not making any changes/waves, -> by keeping the status quo and staying together no matter what, for the sake of keeping our promises.Moreover, how exactly can we start implementing and practicing the fine art of ‘giving all living beings the Unconditional Love and Complete Freedom that they deserve’?

It sounds so good in theory (i.e. as an ideal), but realistically speaking, it will be quite challenging for mankind to practise, or, implement in this particular time period that we are in.

For example:

How can parents give absolute freedom for their children to do whatever they want to do in their lives? Is this truly good parenting? What if the children then abused such a privilege (e.g. by wasting their time/their lives, or, wasting their parents’ money) – will this be the parents’ faults or, the children‘s? What if our children do not know what to do? As parents, what do we need to do to become a good guide/mentor, whilst at the same time ensuring that our children’s divine freedom to choose for themselves ‘what to be/what to do‘ is always respected?

How can employers ensure that their employees will always do the right things by them (and vice versa) if strict company/labour union regulations are not set in place?

How can citizens of any nation feel safe, if people all over the world are given the Complete Freedom to do whatever they want, and/or, if 3D laws are not there to enforce people’s behaviours so that the majority of people will do ‘the right thing’ by others?

It’s all well and good if everyone on planet Earth has the same higher consciousness level, however realistically-speaking, we all know that the human race has got some ‘growing up/waking up’ to do before everyone arrives at the same higher level of consciousness that is constantly anchored in Divine Unconditional Love.

In other words, is giving every single person on Earth the Absolute Freedom to do whatever they want in life, truly the wisest thing to do in this particular NOW moment that we are living in?

Is the human race truly ready for Eternal Freedom, and ALL of its responsibilities (i.e. the responsibilities as previously mentioned in the last channeled message)?

Although I deeply love mankind, and, am completely awed by what we had accomplished and experienced together in our long history on this planet, however for the time being at least, I can honestly say that I don’t have perfect faith/trust yet in people’s goodness/kindness/integrity – especially after all of the life lessons received in this lifetime thus far and from many other lifetimes on Earth.

People can change. Their beliefs, values, goals or behaviours can change anytime both for the better or for the worse. Although I have always done my best to live my life by not restricting people’s freedom when choosing their own paths, I’d found that with any relationship that we have with the people around us, there are (most of the time) unavoidable expectations to fulfil.

Just like we expect others to keep their promises, honor their commitments, or fulfil their (financial) obligations, we are also expected to do the same for others in return.

And whenever others had let me/let my loved ones down, or, whenever I’d had to follow my own way and ended up letting someone down, I often asked the following questions to myself: ‘Who was most in alignment with their Higher Self in this particular situation? Must we hurt, harm or disappoint one another and/or create conflict/discord in order to remain in alignment with our Higher Self? Who had broken Cosmic Divine Laws, by creating karma for themselves here, i.e. who were actually in the right, or in the wrong?‘

And if people are truly being honest with themselves, I have long sensed that the vast majority of adults within the human collective are also feeling somewhat distrustful of the people/world around us. In other words, right now I do not believe that everyone will always choose to do the ‘right thing’ whenever confronted with 2 (seemingly) polar opposite options:

1) – To do the right thing for themselves & protect their own freedom; their own causes and interests‘.


2) – To do the right thing for the people & world around them.

especially when the definition of ‘the right thing‘ is oftentimes different for all the parties involved in any conflict/disagreement/discord. And if/when people are feeling pressured to choose between Option 1 or Option 2, then many people will probably choose Option 1, usually at the expense of the people/world around them.

And if/when that happens, will you please explain if these people were in fact being selfish, or, whether it was okay for them to be selfish in this manner (by prioritising their needs over ours)?

But then again, I remember that Portia (Goddess of Justice) had mentioned before, that believing there is a ‘right or wrong’ to any situation simply indicates the presence of a 3D programming within us that we should always strive to eliminate, for successful ascension to 5D. And so, if we were to take this into consideration, are Options 1 & 2 mutually exclusive? Or, are both options actually one and the same since in truth we are ONE with All-That-Is? i.e. what we do for ourselves, we do for another (and vice versa).

I guess this all comes down to whether or not we can truly trust one another, as a race. Many of us light-workers around the globe are deeply longing to live in a happy and peaceful planet where we can truly feel free & safe; where we are able to fully trust everyone to always have Unconditional Love & the Higher Good of ALL in mind.

After everything that mankind had seen and experienced in our long history on this planet, fully trusting one another to always do the right thing, feels next to impossible to achieve right now.

After all, the whole legal sector/law industry still exists today because many people on Earth currently cannot trust each other to always do the right thing (as previously agreed upon by all parties involved in existing contracts/promises/agreements), and thus, we had felt the need for protection that comes in the form of man-made laws that can be enforced by the authorities in charge.

It’s sometimes difficult enough to trust the people closest to us (especially those who had often disappointed us before), so how can we be expected to trust the strangers that happen to cross our paths and enter our lives, to always do the ‘right thing’ for ALL?

And by asking them to uphold their end of the bargain/fulfil their promises as previously agreed upon, is this a violation of their Divine Right and Freedom to live their lives in any way they wish? If we were to ask someone to do something that they no longer wish to do (as specified in any verbal/signed contract/agreement), will we end up creating Karma for ourselves? If that’s the case, what’s the point of drawing up and signing a contract? How can domestic/foreign trade continue; what would happen to the world economy, or to society as a whole, if everyone were to hold the belief that promises, vows, or contracts can be broken anytime whenever it suits them with no legal consequences, penalties, or punishments of any kind?

Is living in a 5th dimensional environment also means living in a contract-free, punishment-free world? If that’s the case, then mankind truly has a lot of healing, clearing/purging, learning and changing to do, before we can all qualify to be called fifth dimensional beings.

We can all easily understand why humanity have continued to feel the necessity to create all sorts of (ironclad) legal contracts/agreements.

Lack of trust for one another is precisely why we had created our 3D laws (governing human behaviours); created law enforcement agencies; created highly-trained military forces to look after our nations’ interests (to be used just in case if one day there is an attack, from within/from without, that encroaches upon our Freedom/way of life).

The fact remains that there is a partial, or, total lack of trust for one another, for groups of people/authorities in power, that can be found deeply embedded within our Collective/Individual consciousness.

Right now, several different industries are operating, or, benefiting, from this 3D-based distrust system. Let‘s use for example, the financial and insurance industries.

If you wish to borrow money from anyone/from the banks, you will need to prove yourself worthy of the creditors’ trust and their financial investment (that you will be able to pay back the money loaned to you, e.g. by having good credit rating, or by putting up your assets as a guarantee). The entire insurance industry also exists because we do not fully trust nor believe that the Universe will look after us in the future -> we are paying an insurance premium regularly for protection/peace of mind, just in case, if something ‘bad’ were to happen to us/to our loved ones that may cause us to experience a loss/disadvantage of any kind.

We are truly living in a world full of fear, anxiety and distrust, coming from within and from without.

And if we cannot even trust fellow members of the human race to always do the ‘right thing’ for the higher good of ALL, how can humanity be truly ready to claim our place in the galaxy; in the higher dimensional realm, and live in harmony with other galactic races – especially when their appearances & many of their ways of be-ing are so different to us humans?

Can we fully trust, embrace, love and accept our galactic friends just as they are, when we had often failed to do the same for our fellow humans?

After having gone through many challenges in the last few months alone, I had personally found and experienced the answers to all of my questions above. It was as if those challenges had been ‘magically’ arranged to appear in my life to energetically pave the way and get me ready to write this channeled message for you all today.

Even after finding those answers, there was still a strong compulsion within me to write all of the above questions here in this message, to create greater understanding and lasting positive changes in this world, and, to assist with a deeper healing, purging, clearing/releasing of everything within the Collective’s Consciousness that we no longer need – in our sacred journey to New Earth where Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Truth, Freedom, Oneness, Equality and Infinite Abundance, are permanently experienced by ALL.

Thank you beloved St. Germain, Liberty, Portia & Athena, for giving us perfect clarity and the Highest Truth (that cannot be easily misconstrued by everyone reading this message) to all of the questions as stated above.


St Germain and the Goddesses of Liberty, Justice & Truth:

Beloved Adele, did you know that you had just asked us more than 20 questions above? – laughed*. This is truly wonderful to behold!

The only way that you can start to become an immensely-powerful ‘Torchbearer’ of the Violet Ray of Freedom, is by fully understanding what you (as an ascending soul) should or should not do, in any situation that you may have to face in the future.

Notice here that We have deliberately used the word ‘should‘ rather than ‘can’, because as always, you are FREE to do whatever you wish.

Let us begin by addressing the first question: whether to pick Option A or B, when facing undesirable situations and/or, challenging people.

Afterwards you will find that many of your ‘to be or not to be’ questions as listed above, will have been answered by the time We are done addressing these two options.

And to be absolutely clear, let us remind you that Option A is in fact the ’Creating Resistance’ option, whilst Option B is the ‘Acceptance’ Option where you either agree to, or, accept the limitations/restrictions that people, the world, or your governments have created in your life.

Your decisions to go with either: Resistance, Acceptance, or, both Options (to suit the situations), will depend on the following important factors:

  • Divine Timing.
  • your current, active, individual ‘bottom line’ or, tolerance level.
  • your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual conditions of the day and how much clearing/purging you have got left to do, to permanently release and heal all deeply embedded wounds/scars/traumas that can be found within your consciousness.
  • your current level of Attained Higher Consciousness/Light Quotient Level & whether or not you are planning to ascend in this lifetime.
  • how often/how long these restrictions/oppressions/limiting circumstances have been going on; how much you had endured.
  • your unique abilities/talents/values/principles and life plans/Higher Goals for this incarnation.

For example:

* When you/the people around you are feeling unwell or completely exhausted, your/their tolerance level will usually drop to the lower levels and tempers may rise – causing you/them to either: rebel, resist, argue, or put up strong resistance over any injustice/unfair conditions/practices that have been put upon you all.

* When someone is: spiritually awakened and determined to do his best to embody his own I AM Presence by often choosing the higher vibrational path, he will probably have a higher tolerance/patience level than the average man (depending on how close he is to the ‘Finish Line’). This person will usually strive to practice compassion, patience and loving kindness, by resolving to not get easily triggered by the ‘bad’ things that people might have done/said to him.

* If the oppressions/restrictions have been going on for far too long (and again, exactly how long is too long, will be different for each person), the ‘victims’ will be more likely to resist, rebel, fight, or walk their separate ways because you will have finally crossed their bottom lines, that will then trigger them to say “Enough is enough – I’m done with this“. “I will no longer tolerate this injustice/violation of my rights and will now speak my truth”. Or, ”I’m finally going to stand up for myself; stand up for what I believe in, take action to resolve this situation and end this injustice, once and for all”.

Remember loved ones, that a person, an animal, groups of people, citizens of a nation, etc. will have different bottom lines/different tolerance levels that, once crossed, will (emotionally, mentally or physically) trigger them to take action and make changes in a way that (usually) will not be to the liking of everyone involved in the situation.

ALL changes will at first be uncomfortable for most people (especially for those who are feeling disadvantaged/harmed/have suffered a loss due to these changes), and, will initially create disharmony/chaos upon the affected environment and upon the people living/staying within it, until one day they either accept, or, get used to said changes.

From Our Higher perspective, the decision whether to go with the ’Resistance’ or the ‘Acceptance’ Option will often vary, depending on the embodied soul(s) making this decision.

There is no right or wrong decision here -> provided that you know/believe/feel without a doubt that no Divine Cosmic Laws may be/will be broken in the future as a result of your decision, i.e. your conscience remains clear when making the decision.

Much will depend on the situation, and on the embodied souls involved in that situation. We will continue to give Our unconditional love and support for all of your decisions (no matter which Option you ended up choosing), because nothing is ever hidden from us -> i.e. We can clearly see the truth and easily understand all of your different perspectives, situations, reasons, or goals.

And now, to help you decide on the most suitable Option (between Resistance & Acceptance) for yourself, and, to help you decide on which path is the Higher Path to take (in all of your ‘to be/do, OR, not to be/do’ questions), always ask yourself the following 4 important questions:

1) Am I in full adherence to the Cosmic Divine Law of Harmony and the Law of Love (i.e. love for myself and love for ALL) by taking, or, not taking this action?

2) Will I potentially create a Karma of Commission or, a Karma of Omission for myself, by doing/not doing this? Will I be harming either: myself, another person/living being, or Mother Earth by doing/not doing this?

3) Will the course of action I am thinking of taking/not taking, serve the Higher Good of both: myself, and, everyone involved/the world around me?

For this particular question, let us now clarify the term ‘Higher Good for self & ALL’, to answer one of Adele’s earlier questions. The keywords that you should take notice here are ‘Higher Good’.

You had taken action for the Higher Good of yourself:

whenever the energy of Divine Love was the primary reason behind the course of action taken, and, when the action itself was in perfect adherence with all Divine Cosmic Laws & with your higher purpose; your Higher Self.

You had taken action for the Higher Good of ALL:

whenever the energy of Divine Love was the primary reason behind the course of action taken, and, when the action had benefited many people/ALL on planet Earth.

(Notice here that the meanings behind the ‘Higher Good of self & ALL’, are quite similar).

We can conclude that whenever you took action for your own (individualised) Higher Goodeven if the people affected by your decision were not happy as a result of your decisionyou were in fact undoubtedly serving the Higher Good of ALL as well (and this may only be clearly visible in the long run).

And whenever you took action for the Higher Good of ALLeven if it might seem that you did not personally benefityou were also undoubtedly serving your own Higher Good as well. This action will create an ‘accumulated good’ for yourself (the polar opposite to Karma) that the Universe will one day return to you in kind.

4) Has Divine Timing truly arrived for this course of action? Do I strongly feel that full alignment has arrived, and it’s time to take this course of action now?

Am I in perfect alignment with my Higher Purpose and Goals by taking this course of action? (This is often indicated by a feeling of strong compulsion; an unshakable feeling as though ‘I have to do/say this right now – if not, I just knew that I’d live to regret it one day’).

Beloveds, if you have honestly answered ‘YES‘ to Questions 1, 3 & 4, and ’NO’ to Question 2, then simply move forward in your life path with confidence and inner peace. Knowing that decision that you had made, was in perfect alignment with your Divine Higher Self.

If, on the other hand, you have found different answers (to Questions 1-4) from the ones that We have just provided, then loved ones, it will be entirely up to you to exercise your Free Will by either:

  • sticking to the answers that you’d found and moving forward with your decision (by staying out of alignment with your Higher Self), or,
  • changing your decision so that you stay in perfect alignment with your true nature of Divine Love & Light.

And if you are finding it hard to find the answers to any of the 4 questions above, simply ask your I AM Presence & Spirit Team for assistance; ask them to give you perfect clarity and the Highest Truth about the situation/decision in question.

Let us now show you an example on how you can apply the 4 questions above to a real-life situation that had recently occurred in Melbourne, Australia.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had recently declared that wearing a face mask is now mandatory for all Victorians who live in the Greater Melbourne area currently under lockdown, in an effort to slow down and eliminate the spread of coronavirus. Only very few exceptions to this new rule are allowed: e.g. children under a certain age, people doing strenuous physical activities like jogging, people with a medical condition, etc.). Those who do not comply with this new rule will now be given a $200 fine if they cannot provide a satisfactory reason for non-compliance.

And not long after the compulsory wearing-mask rule came into effect, a video went viral in Melbourne showing a woman (dubbed by the media ‘Bunnings Karen’) refusing to wear a mask. In the video, she insisted that wearing a mask was a violation of: her freedom and the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights. She also felt discriminated for being a woman. Premier Andrews responded by criticising Bunnings Karen’s behaviours and declared her conduct/reasons as ‘appalling’ as they had no basis in science, fact, or law. He went on to suggest for the public to ignore such behaviours and to view wearing a mask, not as a human rights or civic liberty issue.

Loved ones, do you think that in this scenario, both Premier Andrews and ’Bunnings Karen’ were acting in perfect adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws of Love and Harmony?

Here comes Our answers:

It must be said that the purpose of using the above scenario as a case study here, is definitely not to criticise, point fingers, nor create a debate as to who was right, and who was wrong in this situation.

We, your higher dimensional friends, completely understood both Premier Andrews’ and Bunnings Karen’s perspectives, and We will always stand on both their sides.

(Remember what We had said in a previous message, that God does NOT take sides – for God will always be on everyone’s side). We are fully aware of the reasons behind their decisions/behaviours; We know that both of them genuinely believed that they were doing the ‘right’ thing.

Here is what We have got to say about the whole situation, based on the Highest vibrational Truth that is in full compliance with the Cosmic Divine Laws of Love and Harmony:

Change is in the air, and as such, creating and maintaining a harmonious environment can be highly challenging to do in the midst of major changes that all of you are going through right now – especially for those playing an important role of public service.

In this transitional period when Earth and all of its ascending inhabitants are changing to become more fifth dimensional, one should strive to create and maintain Peace & Harmony (whenever possible).

As an awakened light-worker; a powerful aspect of Source, your day to day behaviours should always be in constant alignment with your Higher Role as Our: vessels, channels, or agents of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace on Earth.

In the above scenario, maintaining a harmonious and peaceful environment was easy to do for ‘Bunnings Karen’ but she chose not to do so, whilst for Premier Andrews, this was harder to do.

For anyone in leadership roles, it is inevitable that a few/some/many people may oppose your decisions, that may then lead to the creation of a disharmonious environment. However, that being said, how a leader faces or handles his opposition, will show the world exactly how spiritually evolved (i.e. how compassionate/loving) the leader is.

Sooner or later, humanity will choose to be represented, or led, only by those who have attained a high level of spiritual mastery/evolution. Your political or organisational leadership will one day only consist of highly-evolved people who have a deep love and compassion for those under their charge. Leaders who exemplify all/many of the Divine Virtues of God; leaders who have truly become Divine Cosmic Laws-in-action.

From Our higher perspective, for the time being at least, the Divine Law of Harmony can be viewed as rather ‘flexible’. In other words, up to a certain level of disharmony may be acceptable, or allowed, in this constantly-changing, oftentimes chaotic, 4D time period you are currently living in. Whether or not the disharmony created was acceptable (from Our points of view) would depend on the intention coming from the people involved, i.e. those who had created the disharmony.

The temporarily-acceptable level of disharmony ‘allowed’ before the Law of Karma kicks in, will depend on Our (the Karmic Board’s) Higher discretion.

In other words, as long as the intention (behind the action taken) of the people involved was genuinely based in Divine Love, then the Law of Karma may not immediately apply to them (even after they had broken the Law of Harmony – by creating a disharmonious, or, highly stressful environment for the people/world around them).

e.g. Premier Andrews’ recent decisions to put Greater Melbourne under a second lockdown, or, to enforce mask-wearing rule for citizens living in lockdown area.

Loved ones, in your Sacred Quest for Freedom in all aspects of life, always remember that you must strive to abide by all Divine Cosmic Laws. Whenever you exercise your free will to break these Cosmic Laws, instead of creating greater Freedom in your life, you will be creating more karma for yourself.

It is time for you to come to a powerful realisation, that complete adherence to all Cosmic Laws will in fact give you wings to fly!

Remember loved ones, that God never feels the need to be obeyed. God didn’t create these Cosmic Laws to restrict or limit your Divine Free Will. You are free to choose to do whatever you wish daily – with complete/total disregard of Divine Cosmic Laws – and thus creating for yourself (over & over again) what mankind had collectively created: thousands of years of war, suffering, injustice, oppression, scarcity, disease, old age, etc.

And for those of you here who are joyfully willing to always abide by God’s Cosmic Laws, you will soon experience Heaven in your physical reality.

The Law of Divine Love remains constant, consistent and operational in this 4D environment you are currently in. In any situation that you encounter daily, both in your public or private role, Unconditional Love must serve as the core reason for all of your thoughts, word, feelings, behaviours or decisions, directed towards BOTH yourself and ALL around you.

If you love yourself but not have much love, compassion nor understanding for the people/other living beings/the world around you, then you are not living in adherence to the Law of Divine Love.

On the other hand, if you love the people/the world around you but not have much love for yourself (often displayed in prolonged/unhealthy self-sacrifice behaviours), then you are also NOT living in adherence to the Law of Divine Love (and may have to later on ‘pay’ the consequences of such behaviours, e.g. by manifesting for yourself a sick/diseased physical body).

In other words, if your thoughts, words, radiated feelings or actions directed towards self or another person/living being was NOT based in Divine Love, then you had broken the Law of Love and would be subjected to the Law of Karma later on in life, in some way, manner or form.

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