Allow it To Unfold Gracefully

By Celia Fenn

Allow it To Unfold Gracefully

By Celia Fenn

Wow…the energies have been INTENSE. this week to say the least.
Many people are complaining of absolute exhaustion (including me). It has been really hard on the physical body, as well as the mental and emotional aspects in the last week.
We are working really hard on many levels as we head into and through the Lions Gate. Everything is accelerating as we make the big shift to the next crystalline time spiral/timeline. So much depends on us holding our balance and center as a group in this process.
We are here to lift ourselves and our community into the next spiral of evolution.
Much of the exhaustion comes from working at night in the sleep state. Many people are reporting not sleeping well, and waking up, or having intense dreams that wake them up several times a night. We are working very hard on the other levels of the Earth, working with the Collective and with our Soul Families. Starseeds and Angelic families are especially part of this big shift.
Please take time to rest and care for yourself. It is so important to look after the physical. And drink lots of fluids, specifically water!
On the emotional level, try not to get caught up in anger and frustration, but try to remain balanced in the heart and inner peace and harmony.
On the mental level, try not to get caught up in old ways of thinking and judging, and a need to be “right”.
Remember, awakening is about becoming aware of your inner divinity and power, and about taking back your ability to be happy and creative. It does not mean that you have to sort out the problems of the Planet by yourself.
There is a greater plan.
Allow it to unfold gracefully.
All that is required of you right now is to enter into the flow of Grace and follow your Inner Truth.

Blessings and Love to All!

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