Galactic Energies coming into the planet right NOW


Judith Kusel


Divine Love is unconditional and it embraces every soul and all of Creation, in its everlasting embrace.
There is a Omni-Versal Brother- and Sisterhood of The Sacred Rose, who this morning were surrounding me, as I belong to this Order at Soul Level.
The message I clearly received this morning is that they are surrounding the higher Dimensional Earth at this time of massive transition and transformation, in total love. They are beaming their Love into all the souls on planet earth, whether they are receptive or not. They are pouring it into every living Being on earth, and whatever form this may be.
It is amplified by Divine Love, for the Sacred Rose symbolizes the spiraling energy of Eternal Love, which is ever renewing and expanding and therefore never-ending.
The Sacred Rose, indeed embraces the Sacred Omni-Versal Heart and thus the heart-beat of Creation, which embraces sound, as sound holds the eternal Primordial Creation and like Divine Love is ever renewing, resounding and expanding upon itself.
Allow your heart center to become like a Chalice and allow the outpouring of the Love of this Eternal Brother- and Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose, to pour into you.
Note, that you will now find Love in all and every form and see it where you never saw it before.
You will open your heart to unconditional love to a much higher degree, as unconditional love, is the highest state and only state of Love in the 5th and higher dimensional state.
Love only sees Unity and brings Unity.
It unifies.
It loves eternally.
All you need do, is open your heart chalice to receive gratefully and gratefully this immense outpouring of Divine Love, through the Brother- and Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose. These Souls dedicate their entire existence as Soul, just to become the Outpouring of Divine Love, and often, in lifetimes on earth, have taken on immensely challenging lives for themselves, in order to hold the Rose of the Sacred Heart and Love open for humanity.
Judith Kusel
Photo: Judith Kusel, one of the Roses gracing my home.

We have a lot of Galactic Energies coming into the planet right NOW.

We have Energies streaming in right NOW from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka and the Central Sun.

These are High Frequency LIGHT Codes and they contain a lot of information. A lot of you have been getting a lot of Beautiful Downloads and Information.

This is a Good Time to get some direction or even more of an understanding. We are preparing for next weekends 8/8 Lions Gate Portal we will be passing through.

This is a Powerful Time of Activation, Awakening, and Ascension.

Many of us are feeling the changes occurring within the physical body. This is a Good Time for some extra SELF Care and Healing.

The Energies are going to get pretty intense this SHIFT.

You may want to make sure your ready Energetically. We also still have Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron in retrograde.

This is stirring up quite the changes. We are BEginning to see how Powerful the Astrological alignments are that are supporting this Ascension.

Chiron Retrograde is bringing up more to Heal. Much of the Healing we have to do is actually within the unconscious as it comes from past lives.

However Aware or unaware we are of this, it’s bringing up a lot on Energetic levels. We are continuing to release a lot. This energy may BE bringing up old wounds or more inner child Healing work to do.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting we have a Full Moon in Aquarius joining the mix Monday. This Full Moon will be extra intense as it merges with all of this Solar Energy of Leo Season.

It will Be pushing us to Let Go of the things NO longer serving us. All of this Energy is meant to BE really Positive. It’s meant to BE Waking you up on deeper levels to your SOUL’s Journey.

Many of you are remembering or connecting with your StarSeed origins at this time.

It’s a Powerful Time to tune in through Meditation for some Deeper Clarity.

with LOVE 

Elizabeth Peru

16h · 

As July turns into August and the OVERLAPPING energy of feminine and masculine force occurs, there’s a key cosmic theme emerging. Do you remember back to July 1? We were halfway through Mercury Retrograde and the final ECLIPSE of the season was approaching. Here’s what I said on JULY 1…

” July will serve as a gateway into a new stratosphere of higher living and learning. And you’re here for this. Before you now, lays all potential. What you do with the next 4-weeks can make all the difference in how the remainder of your 2020 flows. Do your work now and see results ”

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  1. I’ve been having dreams, they are about choices we have to make, do we preserve mother nature or do we allow what we call progress to ruin us, amen


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