God/ Goddess Activations – via Paul Butler @ Prime Dissclosure – 7-31-20


Judith Kusel


I woke up this morning with a crystal clear message which I wish to share with you: –
“Allow the Divine Energy Force to work through and with you, and do not try to force anything to happen.”
We need to remaster the fine-art of true living, in highest alignment with the Divine Laws.
Brute force begets brute force.
Force creates counter-force.
If you need to force anything into form and being, then you are out of alignment with the Cosmic Energy Flow. Indeed, no force of any kind is needed.
In the highest Dimensional states there is no need to force anything anymore. Indeed brute force or any forcing at all has become redundant!
When you are in highest alignment with the Divine Will and Purpose, with your own highest soul growth and good, all will flow easily and effortlessly. The Law of Synchronicity will set in and you will draw and attract all into your life, at exactly the right moment and in exact form.
Seek the highest guidance and set the intent and then simply allow the energetic unfolding, in perfect Divine Timing.
That is what TRUST and FAITH are all about.
Judith Kusel


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