Teal Swan: Forecast for 2020

Forecast for 2020 (World Predictions) – Teal Swan

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Teal Swan

Teal Swan’s Forecast and Future Predictions for the year 2020 include an historic year setting the stage for massive change in the coming decade. Teal includes not only predictions for the year but how to best prepare for it. There is massive energy going towards reaping what we sew, so keep this in mind when putting energy towards your creations and life.

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Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan’s teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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