Sanat Kumara: The Cosmic Mystery ~ July 14, 2020

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Editor’s Note: Well said, these thoughs of Sumat Kamara, which indicate the truth of the matter as Humanity continues to grapple with a world changing at warp speed.

How will this matter resolve and what type of changes will emerge in this moment? This moment of chaos will evolve into each human beginning to understand their internal selves as the distractions of living are lifted.

After all, once the “job” is no more with the exigencies for life provided, what then does man consider? This becomes the moment humanity was designed for…creation and play both of whom revolve around BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Look at this time as the great illusion. Expand far beyond space and time, because that is where life begins.

Beloved humans, this message intends to expand your consciousness and toconvey to you a slight idea of the here and now. What you are experiencing here…

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